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Points of Divergence : Scientific Discoveries and Inventions

Points od divergence dealing with various fields of science, research and technological developments.

Choose a type of POD from the topic pages section available below, or search the general discussion section for miscellaneous PODs and POD discussions.

Specific fields and technologies

General musings

Technology PODs Thread

Technologies that aren't "inevitable" in alternate timelines

Alternate Technologies (1)

Alternate Technologies (2)

Abandoned Technologies

A world where all cultures develop the same level of technology

Are technologies developed in order and on time across TLs ?

Earlier inventions thread

Inventions that could have changed the world

What invention or discovery happened oddly late or early ?

Alternate Science History

How would technology advance in a continuing Hellenistic Age ?

Better technology exchange between China and Europe

WI pre-Columbian ideas and tech were universal in the Americas ?

Challenge: Arabian Science Continues

Pre-industrial era inventions that could have been invented in the middle ages

How to advance pre-Columbian America ?

Challenge: American natives technologically even with Europeans by the 15th century AD

Challenge: Earlier Scientific Revolution

Challenge: Western-style 'Englightenment' era in the Middle East

WI: Assyriology instead of Egyptology

How far can Western technology advance with a POD prior to 1900 ?

Challenge: Retard technological development in the 20th Century

Technology level by 1945 in a world where WWI never happened

WWI with more progressed technology

Technology after a German WWI Victory ?

WWII with more progressed technology

Technological progress without WWII or Cold War

Britain's technological lead in the 1950s

Challenge: With a POD no earlier than 1950, make humanity more advanced than in OTL in all scientific fields by the year 2000

How advanced could we have become by the year 2000

Overrated technologies

Not-invented-here: Successes and Missed Opportunities

Overlooked Technologies, Unusual Effects, and Forgotten Weapons

The "Introduce a little invention at some point in time" thread

ASB WI: Dreams can be recorded

See Also

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