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The Devil's Own

A relatively short novella by Midgard, hopping on the craze of ISOT scenarios in a World War II setting that was prevalent at the time. Unlike many other ISOTs, however, this one takes a different premise, as neither the Western Allied powers, nor the Axis get out-of-time help - instead, it is the force from the near future of our own world that fights on the behalf of the Soviet Union…


The Second World War has taken an unexpected turn with the arrival of Russian forces from the year 2011 to win the war for the Motherland. With modern military technology and knowledge of what would happen if they fail, the “Others” - future soldiers take war to the West… and the world would never be the same.


The inspiration for “The Devil's Own” came from a craze of World War II-related ISOTs that found its way into works of numerous authors, which tended to result in some sort of wank, either Ameri-wank, Brit-wank, or, occasionally, German-wank. Pitifully, there were very few situations when the Soviet Union or Russia did not end up losing far more than in our own timeline, becoming a Nazi puppet state or a conquered territory, or having itself broken up into various components. Therefore, it was a matter of countering all the other ISOT scenarios with the one where, for once, the Soviet Union (or Russia, as the case might be) emerged victorious, stronger than in OTL, and was depicted as less of a brutal dictatorship and in more of a positive light.


Midgard started working on a sequel to “The Devil's Own”, called “The Right To Arm Bears”, which was put on hiatus while the author was working on other projects. It picks up the story of the world in which “The Devil's Own” was set several years later, in 1944, when the Soviet giant dominates Europe militarily, politically, and economically while the Americans are frantically working on a secret weapon that, they hope, would turn the tide in the unfought conflict - the Manhattan Project.

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