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  1. Proposed WW1 war aims/wargoals mapped out by me

    Hello there Mapnerds, This thread is for the discussion of my maps and the underlying information/people it involves. Essentially what I do is I go into online archives and read WW1 proposals made by Germans and map them out for your enjoyment and information. The people I include range from...
  2. Can Austria-Hungary survive defeat in WWI?

    I wonder if there is any way for A-H to survive as a dual monarchy after the defeat of the CP, especially Germany. Possible ATL I’ve considered: - Romania staying neutral - More sucessful Caporetto offensive knocking out Italy (white peace) in 1917 - Then separate peace with the entente in...
  3. Flavius Iulius Maiorianus

    Surviving Central Powers vs USSR in the '40s-'50s

    Let's say that the USSR accepts the initial treaty of Brest-Litovsk: Where they only have to cede the area in red. Let's also say that there's no Zimmerman Telegram, and so the US doesn't enter the war in 1917. They probably would eventually, but before they do, the millions of Germans freed...
  4. If the July Crisis Never Escalates/Franz Ferdinand Never dies, What is the Fate of the Balkans and Ottoman Empire?

    If WW1 never occurs, what is the fate of the Balkans? Perhaps the tensions will last until a later conflict similar to the Great War, or will the Ottomans find themselves in another Balkans War?
  5. PC: (Russian) February & (German) November Revolutions spiral into civil war?

    Before someone mentions it, I know that both of these revolutions did eventually spiral into civil war, Russia's with dual power and eventually Red October, and Germany's quasi-civil war with constant Communist uprisings, military coups, and general strikes for the first couple years after WWI...
  6. LadyPerfidia

    What if Franz Joseph I married his first love, Anna of Prussia? Empress Anna of Austria ATL?

    What would have happen if Franz Joseph (aka Empress Sisi's husband) was able to marry the first woman he loved before sisi, Princess Anna of Prussia (Otl Landgravine of Hesse)? Story goes he wanted to marry her but she was already engaged to Prince Fredrick of Hesse-Kassel (the widower of Grand...
  7. Survival for Austria-Hungary?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to know if you have any ideas to help me with an alternative history project I have in mind and have already written some things about. I plan to create a scenario where World War I ends in a stalemate around early 1916 (but I'm open to other dates as well). My main goal...
  8. AH Challenge: June 29, 1914 - Prevent WWI

    The assassination of Archduke Frank Ferdinand, heir to Austria-Hungary at the hands of the Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip was the spark that kicked off the most ruinous war to date. While many geopolitical factors were already in motion, and to some degree, unavoidable, to lead the great...
  9. CP victory pods

    Some CP victory pods that arent: Italy neutral or Cp, Germany wins Marne, Spring Offensives suceeds, US doesnt join WW1. Also preferably make the POD on the CP side or something that isnt made by an Entente change.
  10. Falkenhayn's Spring Offensive

    If Germany won lets say Verdun, Falkenhayn never gets sacked and there is no Hindenburg programm and an early B-L by the Soviets. Italy was knocked out of the war by Caporetto. How would the spring offensive be planned in this situation.
  11. Brusilov Offensive fails with POD on the Austro German side

    Basically is there any way the offensive fails with a pod on the Austro German side?
  12. Oba Cahokia

    WI: Bavaria United Germany?

    Original Artist is unknown user deleted their reddit account long time ago. How different would the 19th Century be? What would be the attitude towards this in the German states?
  13. PoD in July of 1914 that averts WW1

    I'm currently working on a alternate history timeline (mostly through drawing it) where the July crisis results in an isolated Austro-Serbian war. After skimming through this forum for a few hours, I've found many good posts about interesting consequences that could come from such a scenario. I...
  14. Germany strong arms Austria-Hungary into compensating Italy for Bosnia

    Austria's annexation of Bosnia, which it had previously occupied, is noted as one of the flashpoints to WW1. Russia of course (or more accurately a Russian minister) made claims of compensation regarding Bosnia. But Italy was also put out regarding this expansion, which they got nothing for...
  15. Friedrich der Große

    Napoleonic situation after WW1

    Today, I read that a German victory in WW1 by a succesfull Westfeldzug in 1914 or a East First strategy could result in a situation like the Napoleonic Wars, where Britain every time built new coalitions against France (ITTL Germany). Is this plausible?
  16. Xænder

    Libertas per Fraternitatem - 1887 Danubian Revolution and its consequences

    In the last weeks I suddenly started writing and drawing about an ATL which the main PoD was that instead of a Soviet Union, some decades before a similar revolution won in Austria-Hungary. The main "actual" year of the ATL is 1959, and its still heavily WIP. Apart from maps of Europe, a map of...
  17. Oba Cahokia

    How would the Ottomans and Austria Hungary collapse after WW1 in a Central Powers Victory?

    What would be the countries they split into, how much longer will they last before falling apart, what would the borders look like, What impact would this have on the rest of the world?
  18. Oba Cahokia

    Would a Dual Monarchy for Japan and Korea possible like Austria-Hungary? If so how?

    I personally believe it would be cool if this type of union was able to happen but unfortunately I can't think of a way for this to happen. Is this timeline even possible without it being ASB? My main goal is given Koreans Equal rights in the the Empire and Possibly not have Japan expand into China.
  19. GameBawesome

    WI: Russia shot first (AKA Russia invading Austria-Hungary first)

    As we know, before WWI, Europe was a mix of paranoia, nationalism, and alliances. A month after the Death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, which caused Russia, who was allied with Serbia, declaring war on Austria-Hungary. This then caused Germany to declare...
  20. DCPritt

    The Eagles Heads Bow

    CHAPTER ONE APPOINTMENT IN SARAJEVO The cars of the Austrian Imperial party arrived at the City Hall for a reception in Sarajevo. As soon as the imperial personages arrived, Mayor Fehim Curčić of Sarajevo was prepared to make a speech welcoming the imperial party. But just as soon as he began...