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Mexican Timelines and Scenarios

Mexico-centered TLs

TLs in which the country makes appearances

  • Look to the West by Thande - The Kingdom of Mexico, a constituent state of the Empire of New Spain. From Far California down to Mérida, the most powerful of the four kingdoms. Ruled by King Antonio I. After the destruction of the City of Mexico, the capital was moved to the new town of San Francisco in order to help focus government matters on the settlement of the Californias, which were being encroached upon by Russian and American trading companies. The imperial New Spanish capital was moved to Veracruz. After Mexico City was rebuilt, the imperial New Spanish capital was moved there and the royal Mexican capital was moved to Veracruz.
  • Atlas: The March Towards the End by oshron - The Aztecs are not broken by the Spanish and stage a nativist resistance movement through to the mid-19th century when war breaks out between Spain and the United States over the annexation of Texas. The native rebels (generically referred to as Aztecs regardless of their heritage) join forces with the Americans and help them win this First Spanish-American War, and as a condition of victory a revitalized Aztec Empire (officially Anahuac) is instated as an ally of the United States. The Aztecs go on to participate in two more Spanish-American Wars and are the Western Hemisphere's biggest supporters of the Green movement.
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