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Children of the Sun

A Mesoamerican timeline by othyrsyde. You can find it here.


“Children of the Sun” arose out of othyrsyde's desire to do a TL where Americas' indigenous peoples fair better in the face of European colonialism, similar to what Malê Rising did for Africa and With the Crescent Above Us did for the Middle East and the global south.

The first attempt at this was a TL called “Mociba Guazabara”, which explored the failure of Colombus's voyage to the Caribbean, and the Taino adopting and spreading scavenged European tech to the rest of the Americas. “Children of the Sun” emerged from the combination of othyrsyde's research into the effects of her original POD on Mesoamerica, a dream she had about an indigenous rebellion (which the exact details have been double-secret classified and stored in the most distant reaches of the Sukarian Islands to keep Spoiler Plagues from escaping), and reading about Nicaragua's War of Captains. Othyrsyde eventually came to like these new ideas more and more, and in light of never truly feeling the plausibility of her old TL, opted to focus on what would become “Children of the Sun” instead.


The POD is literally caused by a butterfly that flapped its wings and spoiled a little known ambush in a little known conflict over which conquistador had the “rights” to loot and plunder what would become Nicaragua, which in turn causes ripples effecting a larger clash between Hernan Cortes himself and one of his main men, Cristobal de Olid. The result is a civil war between the Spaniards, and several large scale Native uprisings that tear apart Spain's young empire.

This is the epicenter for events that will completely alter how colonialism goes down in the Americas, and how this in turn effects the broader history of the world.

Narration Style

The TL has two editions, with slightly different styles of telling its history. The short lived first edition was presented with a mix of 3rd person narratives and history book style updates written from the perspective of in-universe authors; similar to the unreliable narrator format in such TLs as Look to the West and Decades of Darkness.

The current edition was changed due to othyrsyde not being confident in how people would look back on the TL's events from a more contemporary POV (which pondering about and researching was severely eating up time that could have been better spent researching and writing the subjects of the updates), and due to criticisms from readers who became lost in the events, often because of their unfamiliarity with Mesoamerican and early Spanish colonial history. So the TL's format was redone in a style dominated by more 3rd and 1st person narratives in hopes to allow the historical lens and alternate terminology of CoS to evolve more organically, and expose more of the details of the period's history and figures.

It also features artwork and maps done by the author, and extensive notes on indigenous languages that color the dialogue in the updates.

The TL is abbreviated “CoS”

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