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An American member of the board from Southern California. He has a habit of working obsessively on one project for a period of time and then losing interest in favor of a different project, alternating between them regularly when suffering from writer's block on a given work. He is the self-proclaimed Emperor of Rplegacy, his own message board, though the board has been inactive for years. He is also a founding member of the Moé!Dictators' Club and set to appear in Enterprise as a recurring guest character with his own ship, the Rplegacy.

Claims to Fame

In the neverending dispute that is the Universal Colour Scheme debate, he's notable for creating one of the many possible variants of map colour schemes. He refers to it by the fun acronym of TACOS. Take a look at it here. He has begun a “TACOS, Version 2.0” project to make the color scheme cover even more possibilities, and recently announced that he would revise the table with the RGB values of colors included. TACOS is set for a further revision and streamlining as well, reducing the number of colors used due to being a bit excessive. Dichotomy is also intended to have its own unique color scheme for narrative reasons.

Though unrelated to, he also prides himself on his writing abilities and has used this to refurbish articles on various wikis, participate in the updating of TV Tropes pages, and previously in the Jurassic Park Encyclopedia. He hopes to eventually become a published author.


  • Oshron's most-cited timeline project is Dichotomy, an ASB timeline inspired by Code Geass, along with some other works, but bears little actual similarity to it. The timeline was originally planned to be used as the backdrop for an action RPG but is now intended as, essentially, the broad setting of a larger “franchise” of alternate history stories. Because of its origins as an RPG setting, Dichotomy confusingly began with its an ultimate end-scenario and much of its development has been predicated on reaching this final result by working backwards from the present-day and building the history from there. The setting is a multipolar, non-globalized world mainly divided between a few different superpowers and their allies, which includes an expanded United States, a Britannian Empire instead of a British Empire, (one of the main artifacts from its Code Geass inspiration) a revived Aztec Empire allied to America, OTL's World Wars never taking place, a less significant rise in communism due to the Russian Revolution failing, and persisting colonialism, imperialism, and aristocracy. In a sense, it could be taken as an homage to or commentary on various Gundam media where futuristic settings feature Age of Imperialism-style geopolitics, socially-backwards feudalistic cultures, and advanced technology up to and including mecha. Dichotomy itself is intended to have many otherwise self-contained stories within it.
  • Anglo-American Rivalry: a more plausible ATL than Dichotomy in which the British and the Americans never get on good terms with each other following the Revolutionary Wars and maintain their mutual hatred through to the 20th century. Unlike Dichotomy, Anglo-American Rivalry is more open-ended and will conclude in whatever year it is completed in. The POD is intended to be George III dying earlier than IOTL in a freak accident.
  • Not Quite Nineteen Eighty-Four or 1984+: a reinterpretation of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four in which “Airstrip One” (Britain) is actually a North Korea-analogue which has convinced itself that it's a superpower in an eternal war with two other superpowers. “Oceania” is fractured into several powers, including a police state North American Union, an imperialist Argentina junta, a cryptofascist Australia, and white supremacist South Africa; Eurasia is replaced by the Soviet Union, which has formally added the Eastern Bloc into its territory and has now corralled most of Western Europe into its sphere of influence; Eastasia is comprised of the People's Republic of China and a neoimperialist militant Japan; and the “disputed zone” that the superpowers are fighting over in the original book is reimagined as the Equatorial Federation, the last major democracy and only true superpower in the world which has benefited from a massive influx of refugees fleeing the authoritarian regimes of the other powers.
  • Islamistan”: a timeline in which Islam is the most common religion in the world, and a band of Islamic-majority countries stretch clear across the planet from Iberia to Iran to Papua to the Americas to West Africa; the major powers ITTL would be Christian Sweden, pseudo-Islamic Russia, and a (possibly) Buddhist Mongol empire from south China to the Arctic, and Europe outside the Mediterranean zone becomes TTL's Middle East, an unstable collection of Christian-majority states which holds a good degree of resentment towards imperialist Islamic countries.

Aside from dedicated alternate timelines, Oshron also has numerous other writing projects, including:

  • “Beginnings”: the first serious story conceived of by Oshron, technically an alternate timeline as well but focusing much more on fantasy and science-fiction as a group of three stories focusing on three different protagonists in different parts of the same universe: Princess Keiko of feudal Japan, Prince Roy of the fictional medieval European country of Meropis, and Will Kaine of the spacefaring Terran society in the far future.
  • Extraordinary! or Stranger Than: probably the largest project aside from Dichotomy, inspired by Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic as a massive crossover of all published fiction but which has gradually come to focus more and more on a combined cosmology and a potential anthology of fairy tales and similar stories. While abiding by copyrights and trademarks, as much published fiction is insinuated as possible.
  • “Greek Epic films”: film adaptations of the Trojan Cycle, intended as a duology of The Iliad and The Odyssey with Odysseus as the consistent protagonist across both but with room for a third film based on The Aeneid
  • “Pangaea”: a self-contained story, intended as a duology, set on the fictional world of Pangaea where humans and various fossil species coexist naturally, (meaning that it's always been that way in-universe rather than being a result of genetic-engineering, magic, or time travel) following a feral child who is suddenly brought to civilization.
  • a real-time strategy game project meant to exemplify the whole concept of alternate history, combining the scale of Civilization or Empire Earth with the basic mechanics and the Age of Empires series and, particularly, providing options for the player to take standard divergences from history which fucntions similarly to the Minor Gods system in Age of Mythology, as well as to follow alternate technological paths
  • “Vilgava”: a large-scale homage to mythology, intended to take place over nine stories across nine worlds in a shared setting, initially based on Norse mythology with a distinct pantheon to each but now being more integrated, borrowing from Extraordinary! to an extent.

In Fiction

In Enterprise, a recurring character based on him is captain of the wandering crosstime ship Rplegacy and leader of its jolly and roguish crew of adventurers. Originally a rival to the series' Twin Fleet, he gradually becomes something of a “trickster ally” to the crews of the MES-1 Allohistory and MES-2 Uchronia, helping them on certain occassions.

Running Gags

Oshron has developed a habit of posting captions as responses in the board's image threads, and has a few that crop up multiple times:

  • “Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about the Lord?” was the one that started it all, riffing on Jehovah's Witnesses and other missionaries; it's frequently used for pictures of bears because the first use of it was attached to a real-life photo of bear tapping on a window
  • “Where are the glasses?!” based on the Michael Bay Transformers movie where a Decepticon yells this question at Sam Witwicky, used when big, nasty-looking robots are threatening people
  • “Fuckin' rich people and their sky castles” based on a meme suggesting that The Flintstones takes place on the ground of The Jetsons, used basically anywhere with a clear technological disparity between two sides
  • “Neat.” (click) based on a line from Bender in Futurama, used when someone seems to be taking a picture of something fantastical or alien
  • “Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap running running running running!” borrowed from Red vs. Blue when characters are obviously fleeing from danger
  • “AAAAAHH OH MY GOD!” “OH SHI–” originally borrowed from a Super Smash Bros. Brawl parody video, used when people are being attacked by giant monsters and are clearly losing
  • unabridged pop culture and song references, putting a quote or lyrics up for pictures that can evoke something else

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