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A relatively new member1) who joined in early April 2009. He hails from Southern California (according to him it is not the Southern California people see on TV…or would ever want to visit for that matter) and is an American of Mexican descent. He's a Historian in training and is particularly interested in Latin American history, and Mexican history within that context.


To date Arkhangelsk has one timeline in production.

Por la Patria, Viva México Fuerte ! - The Mexican Insurgents under Ignacio Allende and Miguel Hidalgo proceed to attack Mexico City (which they did not do in OTL) and the resulting butterflies prevents them from dying prematurely and successfully leading a revolt that achieves independence for Mexico earlier than OTL. The end result shall be a stronger Mexico which will have major ramifications for the Americas and the world. Currently the timeline has reached the late 1830's; Mexico is in the midst of a political transfer of power that threatens the relative peace and stability the nation has experienced for the 20 years since independence. By and large South America is finally at peace, but a tenuous one at best, as the new nations of South America keep their weary eyes on Spanish Peru. In Europe, conservative governments in France, Naples and Spain have given way to more liberal regimes.

He also contributed a considerable amount of excellent posts to the now-finished FH collaborative timeline Progress, Decline, and Hope.


Other than writing his TL, Arkhangelsk often engages in map-maping, sometimes acting as the unofficial principal map maker for a specific TL. The TL-191: After The End timeline is one such example.

and a city on Russia's Northern Dvina River, founded by Novgorod in the 1100s and serving as the principal port on the White Sea
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