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A Valkyrie Rises over Europe

A Timeline Written by Kaiser K, the timeline is about a Nazi Victory in the Second World War, which leads into a Alternate Cold War between the United States and the massively expanded Greater German Reich, who sit as the world's two superpowers in the aftermath of the Second World War.

The timeline can be read Here



Chapter 1: A Brief History of the Second Great War

Chapter 2: The New European Order, Restructuring of the European Continent under Axis domination

Chapter 3: The Treaty of Geneva and the End of the Second Great War's Effect on the West

Chapter 4: A Cold Beginning

Chapter 5: Amazonian Riftraf

Chapter 6: Perekrestok

Chapter 7: Out of the Frying Pan...

Chapter 8: ...And into the Fire

Chapter 9: To Scare a Mockingbird

Chapter 10: We don’t ask for their love; only for their fear

Chapter 11: Intervals of Horrible Insanity

Chapter 12: Ascension to the Heavens

Chapter 13: Kings or Mortals

Chapter 14: The Broken Soul

Chapter 15: All's Quiet on the Transylvanian Front

Chapter 16: Someday, We'll Meet Again

Chapter 17: Give All Your Sorrow to the Damned

Chapter 18: Hypocrites and Liars

Chapter 19: I Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Chapter 20: The Twentieth Century Pharaoh

Chapter 21: The Lotus and the Wasp

Chapter 22: Those Who Stand for Nothing....

Chapter 23: The Effect of Media on Western Culture

Chapter 24: "It's A World of Laughter, Mein Führer!"

Chapter 25: The Man in the Jungle Hut: Part 1

Chapter 26: The Man in the Jungle Hut: Part 2

Chapter 27: Viva Roma Imperiale

Chapter 28: Zabyli Prichina

Chapter 29: What Goes Around....

Chapter 30: Stuck in the Nest of the Eagle

Chapter 31: A History of Spain during the Second World War: Part One - (Special Guest Update Written by Binky the Clown)

Chapter 32: Only Speer Could Go to China

Chapter 33: "Smathering" Smathers Rides to the White House

Chapter 34: L’Algérie est française et le restera, الجزائر هي العربية و سيصبح ذلك

Chapter 35: Never Conduct Diplomacy While Drunk

Chapter 36: Another Coffin Passing Through the Emerald Isle

Chapter 37: The Name's Craig, Daniel Craig

Chapter 38: A Floridian and a Racist Walk Into a Bar

Chapter 39: A Floridian and a Racist Walk Into a Bar: Part II

Chapter 40: The Land at the End of the World (Written by Reagent)

Other Canon Updates


Propaganda and Other Media

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