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Kung Fu Bob vs. The Clonemaster


Season: 4

Episode: 1

Written by: Dave Howery

Air date: April 13, 2008

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Luakel is suffering from a condition due to the fact that his brain was implanted into another luakel's body last season (TIN PLATED HEROES) and Torqumada needs a special cloning fluid to fix him. They find it on a planet ruled by an evil Clonemaster and help Aozhouhuaren - aka 'Kung Fu Bob', as no-one can pronounce his name - overthrow him. The plot for this was apparently based on an RPG Dave once played, although unlike his other episodes CULT OF THE SWAMP GOD and KEEP OF THE ICELORDS, this is not deliberately used as part of the setting.

This episode introduced the meta-theme of seeing the Writer Chimps, Psychomeltdown as the EIC, and Ian as the Executive Producer of the series out of continuity - at the start of the episode, Ian tells Dave to write Landshark as a more heroic character, and throughout this episode he appears in a Super55-like role. This later became something of a running joke. Also, the meta-appearance of the writers would be used much more in the later episode WRITER'S STRIKE.


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

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