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Shared Worlds : Map Games

Map Games are a type of Shared Worlds game in which a map is posted, and then other people add to it, either showing the events of a year in a regular map game, or add countries. You can find the current overview of new map games in this thread.

The first thread to display the “map game” moniker was Crayhistory's ASB Colonisation Map Game, although it was preceded by the first three Map Continuations, which have only acquired the “map game” designation retroactively.

Some examples of popular map game types and series (and of the individual games within them) can be seen in the lists below :

Classic Map Games

Map Continuation Series

Countries of an Alternate World Series

Silent Map Games

Silent Map Game by Hominid et al (the original)

Dark Ages, created by CDA et al

Rise of Islam (632), created by PiratePartyist et al

Fall of Rome (476), created by Spitfiremk1 et al

Ancient World (1300 BC), created by Zuvarq et al

City Building Map Games

ISOT Map Games

Fictional ISOT series, created by scholar et al.

PISOT, created by pieman97405 et al.

AKISOT, created by AK47Productions et al.

Tossed Through Crosstime, created by Midnight-Blue766 et al.

LAISOT, created by lordapocalipsis et al.

Bouvet and Tenerife ISOT, created by Alternate History Geek et al.

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