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End of Dystopia Map Game

A 1984-themed map game created by Thinker 1200. Now considered a classic among map games.


What would happen to the world of 1984 if it were allowed to play out? This map game explores the possibilities of a world under the shadow of Big Brother and the critical paths that follow.



1. Palindrome [Monarchist]. Queen Sarah VI claims descent from the nation's founder, and continues to rule this major power from its capitol, Wasillia.

2. Hudson [Limited Democratic]. Possessing great Oil Wealth but only a small population, Hudson is confident that its commerical ties will keep it afloat.

3. Magog [Antichristian Centralist]. A rebuilt nation, Magog claims continuity from the pre-Unthinking Death state of similar name, although its policies are more moderate.

4. Mississippi and Bayou Commonwealth [Capitalist Junta]. A regional power, the MaBC is wealthy but highly corrupt business state.

5. Appalachian Free State [Anarchist]. Fraught by government instability, Appalachia has been whittled away by its neighbors for the last two decades, and is on the verge of losing its capitol, Wheeling, in the near future.

6. Industrial States of America [Criminal Syndicate]. The Industrial States of America proudly claims itself as the successor to the United States of America, but otherwise has little in common, as the rule of law is the law of the Godfather. To the outsider, the ISA appears to be libertarian, but the informal laws are strict and remorseless.

7. Saint Lawrence [Jesuit Fundamentalist]. The major organized state of the Jesuit Movement (the results of several thousand Christian Claimants in the last century having burnt out the fad of a new church every week), Saint Lawrence is militantly opposed to the many, MANY forms of Christianity that spawned its founding, as well as the AntiChristians and others, making St. Lawrence likely to launch a crusade.

8. Nen Glen [Democratic]. Nen Glen claims to be the original nation in the region, with a history streching back several centuries. It is, predictably, a corruption of “New England”, but its politics have reformed over the decades to a better model–if its expansionist neighbors allow it to survive.

9. Gran Havanna [Imperialist]. Grabbing the Banana Canal was the start of a great trading bloc that would dominate the Carribean. While Gran Havanna has expanded northward, moving southward is also an option, as President Robles continues to bring victories against weaker neighbors.

10. Free City of Bogota [Contested Puppet] Struggling to serve two masters, Bogota has a Bolivarian garrison but a far stronger northern neighbor, leaving the various power blocks carefully playing both sides to avoid annexation.

11. Maizeland [Three Sisters Fundamentalist] This small nation dedicates itself to the traditionalist three sisters faith, which seems to keep a steady export of foodstuffs.

12. Belem [Nationalist]. Belem is aggressively expanding and sees its people as the rightful rulers of the entire South American continent. The “Belem's Destiny Party” is furiously preparing for the great glories that Belem will surely see in the future.

13. Bolivarian State of Lima [Limited Democratic]. One of the surviving members of the former UBS, Lima is a leading exporter of Cocaine, which generates great wealth for itself.

14. Bolivarian State of Cuzco [Limited Democratic]. Cuzco is the poorest of the former UBS nations, struggling to keep its democracy alive in spite of endless coups, riots and protests. Its government changes more often than once a year in some cases.

15. Bolivarian State of Santiago [Democratic]. The nation which has enjoyed the greatest steps towards democracy, Santiago perhaps enjoys fortunate geography that avoids any hostile nations on its borders, and so enjoys limited military spending.

16. Bahia [Traditionalist]. In rejection to the cruel history around it, Bahia's leadership looks towards an ever more distant pre-threeist past instead of a glorious future. Retrospection is the way forward for a nation that seeks a world without nuclear weapons or other horrifying devices.

17. Ikeland [Imperialist]. The Unthinking plague somehow spared Iceland, and so, this predecessor state was given a strong chance to grow. Its neighbors have caught up with it, howver, leaving expansion to go into unclaimed regions.

18. Upper Skyland [Militarist]. The Three Skyland Nations have been at war, on and off again, for decades. While they claim the benevolent focus of Skynet, they fall short on its principles. Upper Skyland, however, is the strongest of the three claimants and likely to slowly unite the Island of Sky and the Island of Spirits.

19. Scania-Malmo [Limited Democratic]. Wary of its giant Threeist Neighbor, Scania-Malmo's only defense is nuclear deterrence–but will that be enough?

20. Novgorod [Capitalist Junta]. Another terrified neighbor of a Threeist powerhouse, Novgorod's professional army and its alliances are the only thing stopping a Threeist onslaught from crushing the country.

21. Karelia [Imperialist]. Karelia claims to be the heir of “Eurasia”, a claim that worries many (but not as much as the Threeist powerhouse in Europe does)

22. Normandy [Militarist]. Second Major claimant to Skyland, Normandy is aggressive and determined to reunite Skyland then, perhaps, move south.

23. Mercia [Monarchist] The last claimant to Skyland is the least likely to survive, but has perhaps the best external appearance to the world.

24. Champagne-Marsillie [Jesuit Centralist]. Another Jesuit nation, CM is forced into an uneasy alliance with its neighbors in a desperate attempt to stop the Threeists.

25. Iber [Socialist]. One of a handful of Socialist nations in existence, Iber is nonetheless forced to swallow supporting its old enemy, CM, for survival against the Threeist Menace behind it.

26. Statelove [Threeist]. If the story is true, Statelove has found a way to create a world where its people live without suffering, pain, or even unhappiness. In reality, Statelove's reputation for blatantly denying the human condition is well known. Still, as a Threeist nation, Statelove is completely willing to nuke, plague or otherwise devastate its neighbors in the event of war. This state of affairs can't go on–Will Europe be Threeist or will it reject the people who killed so many so many years ago?

27. Hellenas [Imperialist]. One of the victims of Statelove's relentless expansion, Hellenas once held Zagreb and Sofia. But under a withering attack, including the use of nuclear weapons, Statelove has smashed this former power to its final lines of survival. With three quarters of its territory under Statelove's control, Hellenas is probably not long for this world.

28. Syracuse [Nationalist]. Radicalized by its hopeless war against Statelove, Syracuse was profoundly humilated by the loss of Venice, Genoa, and Rome itself. The National Survival Party is left with the choice of nuclear war or a grinding death, and is evacuating Naples…

29. People's Liberation Front [Socialist]. The last of Statelove's current victims, the PLF was actually a former Statelove Ally duped into staging a revolution in the former state of Balkia. Unsurprisingly, Statelove exploited this relationship and then betrayed its former ally, and seems close to completing the act. The PLF cries blood over its humilation and that already, two thirds of its territory is under the heel of a Threeist.

30. Kieffan State [Imperialist]. A bitter rival of the PLF, Kieffan has been forced to set this grudge aside to avoid facing Statelove alone. This is a very bitter alliance, however, and the question of whether a war will follow is up in the air.

31. Free City of Sevastapol [Traditionalist]. A vestigal portion of former Balkia, Sevastapol is a minor power and blissful ignorant of the massive thread behind its neighbors.

32. Notheia [Notheist Fundamentalist]: The bastion of the Nothesistic refinement to ideals of “Marxist Utopianism”, Notheia has survived because the idea offers some coherence to the state, which has grown somewhat as a result.

33. Union of Don Cossacks [Communist]: Frantically redistrubing wealth and strong state control over any form of communication leaves the UDC as a slowly declining state, though one strong enough to resist incursion–for now.

34. Asmoday [Anti-Christian Fundamentalst]: Devastated by the plague, Asmoday's return to a great power status was close to obvious. Arguably stronger today than before the Unthinking Death, Asmoday's capitol–the Iron City of Dis–is one of the great cities of the world. Such steps are undertaken to create something that will, at least partially, survive a nuclear attack…

35. Rabia [Warlords]: Rabia's seat of the Muslim faith in Mek Ka was its greatest claim to fame, but in the atrocity of the Millenial War this pillar of the Muslim faith was lost for good. Rabia has then slowly seen its fortunes dwindle, as its people shift towards either the Hormuz Calliphate or switch to the more powerful Anti-Christian Faith. With Asmoday getting an uper hand in religious affairs and its leadership in pieces, Rabia may well be facing another annexation…

36. Tranquility [Threeist]: War is peace, and therefore, Tranquality is..? Unlike the other Threeist Powers, Tranquility has “kept the peace”, or to be accurate, it only fights wars that it wins with the span of a single, terrifying day. The Environs around Tranquility are natural, quiet and extremely deadly. This is where this Threeist state gathers “volunteers” for its society, in between far greater acts of glory.

37. Nubia Kush [Traditionalist]: This regions still contains Pyramids and other landmarks of a time long past. Nubia Kush's traditionalist streak doesn't necessary involve returning to a bronze age existence, but clearly those were better days.

38. Juba-Kampala [Militarist]: Something about being a small state next to a large state is inherently scary. Juba-Kampala isn't necessarily in mortal peril, but its army is the strongest faction in the nation and runs its affairs.

39. Hornland [Capitalist]: After decades of profits, Hornland is finally moving into the bracket of “most developed nations”. Still, the business elites who run the country are uninterested in sharing power.

40. Serengeti [Environmentalist]: While Oregon may be dead and buried, Serengeti's natural splendor, combined with those who see sustainable development as the only path forward, leave Serengeti as a nation run by environmentalists, who, whatever their action, leave the environment in top natural condition.

41. Resource 57 [Post-Threeist]: Not all nations become empowered throught the pursuit of Threedom. Resource 57's revolutionary government sought annexation into Tranquility–an offer that was never answered. Instead, Resource 57 is what happens to a nation that can't keep Threeism alive–it is a nation of insane sociopathic former secret police, badly abused shells of people who will never contribute anything besides their labor to society, and utterly wasted resources. Resource 57 is likely to go green over the next few years.

42. Zimbab Republic [Democratic]: Far enough from the centers of interest, Zimbab has quietly built a functioning democracy and keeps a low profile.

43. Kingdom of Errol [Monarchist]: It only takes one rogue general to take a country and crown himself king to become King, and that's what has happened here. Pierre Errol II, fourth in line to the coral throne, now leads a monarchy that used to be an army Junta.

44. Johannesburg Free City [Socialist]: Dedicated towards fixing affairs within a city and beyond it centuries in the making, Johannesburg is slowly improving as diseases are stamped out and infrastructure is built up.

45. Praetoria [Warlords]: The question of who becomes king of old Pretoria was never answered, but some people still think that it belongs to them and are willing to fight for it.

46. Ranavalon [Nationalist]: Outright persecuting minorities and religious differences, Ranavalon blames the introduction of European Culture and Religion for its failures, and idolizes the evil queen who litterally tortured thousands to death.

47. Aralsk [Criminal Junta]: This small state has very little attention drawn to it, and so it is a haven for all kinds of scum and villiany. The government, essentially a cadre of opportunists and renegades. As long as people “play smart”, the goverment pays little attention.

48. Turkmen People's Democratic Republic [Communist]: Far away from the eyes of any other nation, the TPDR quietly runs its people with a tight fist but supposedly on principles that are worth the costs of tight control. We'll see how this works.

49. Hormuz Caliphate [Islam Centralist]: Teheran, the last great bastion of Muslim thought, has emerged as the nerve center for the Muslim faith, going so far as to make Teheran as the holy city to replace the ruins of Mecca. That said, the clever leadership in charge is not interested in shoving religion down people's throat so much as trying to use its best attributes as it can.

50. Land of Enlightenment [Dharmic Centralist]: Homeland of the Dharmic variation of the Buddhists (as opposed to the dwindling number of the Death Worship variety), the Daili Lama tries to make good on building a world without suffering, although the task is impossibly hard.

51. Maharasthra [Limited Democratic]: Inspired by the now defunct CIS, Maharasthra aspires to be a democratic nation, but it is still teething out its problems.

51 (Gray, I goofed) Xiongjing [Militarist]: Originally intended as the seat of the Xiong faith, the close presence of a Threeist Power has made this, instead, an army run nation.

52. Chenni-Calcutta [Anarchist]“ Another nation inspired by the CIS, CC faces the challenge of respecting human rights and having a stable government with too weak a government.

52 (Gray, goofed again) Nokdu Omniplenty [Threeist]: The heroic story of the boy general of Karria leading the destruction of the hated CIS to establish a cornucopia of infinite food is obviously a lie, but the Nokdu Omniplenty claims to have answered the need for foodstuffs. While the “Boy General” remains its celebrated figure and public face, people are confident that terrible things are happening in Nokdu.

53. Viet [Traditionalist]: Finally living in a state without foriegn domination, the people of Viet quietly grow rice and fruits, as they have for centuries.

54. Sumatran Technocracy [Technocrat Junta]: In the distant days of the Rocket Riots, the CIS faced serious discontent over the resources being thrown into its space program–a quarter of its national treasury. While the destruction of the CIS soon followed, the scientists, experts and other “wizards” had faced personal danger and threats on their lives, and so had moved to Sumatra, where their expertise enabled them to survive Agent Unthinking Death–and thereafter mold Sumatra's destiny. Sumatra may well be run by the most intelligent government, but that still means that it doesn't always get it right…

55. Mesonesia [Capitalist Junta]: Rich and wealthy trading empire, Mesonesia emerged as the largest trading fleet in the region, despite its smaller size than other powers. Trade and shipping rubber, rice, rare materials, wool, and other products has proven extremely lucrative for Mesonesia, and increase its prestige at home and abroad.

56. Java and Batvatia [Socialist]: A nation dominated by laborers and workers occasionally shifts to them as its controlling interest. J&B charge high taxes, but their investments in social services are beginning to pay off as the average education rises to 7th grade.

57. Paupa [Islam Fundamentalist]: Perhaps not the first place we'd think of as a bastion of Islam, Paupa is safe, far away and a quiet place for a devout belief system to emerge. That said, Paupa may not be interested in keeping the peace for too much longer–Fatwas against Threeist are being discussed in some circles.

58. Darwin [Limited Democratic]: A former hotbed of Threeist beliefs, Darwin today is a democratic nation on the fringes of the known world.

59. Rockhampton [Organized Crime]: Maintaining a “wild west” feel, Rockhampton is run by “outlaws” who stand above the law. While being robbed by colorful characters who run the show is probably preferable to wholesale mutilation by the Threeists, it isn't fun either and Rockhampton is suffering.

60. Bris' Bane [Imperialist]: There was a time, not so long ago, where all Australia was claimed by man, instead of left empty and feral. The people of Bris think it is time to change that fact and move inland.

61. Hobart [Penal Junta]: Hobart, and the Island of Tasmania is the result of another poor answer to criminality–deport the criminals somewhere where they will never be found again. Many of these criminals, that have the good fortune of not being murderered outright, are transported to Hobart, which accepts this “human waste” for a fee, and then uses the labor to mine vast deposits out of the ground in brutal conditions. Rumors darkly circulate that Hobart abounds in the slave trade as well…

62. Zealand [Democratic]: If there is a god, he may be a kiwi. Having dodged the Millenial War, Agent GoodDeath, a myriad of nuclear exchanges, and agent Unthinking Death, Zealand is one of the last places on earth that has buildings built in the 1800s still standing today. With the loss of the CIS, Zealand is now the oldest suriving nation, having survived for over two full centuries in spite of the danger to the world. At this point, this means that Zealand is one of the great repositories for the world's knowledge–with newspaper articles dating all the way back to shortly before its independence, over 250 years ago!

Also, regarding the (Letters): These are the obstacles to colonization and how hard it is to expand into the region.

(A): Oregon– [Very Difficult]: Feral Humans live around Oregon, the descendants of survivors who had already gone close to naturalist.

(B): Arctic North America–[Difficult]: Weather, Supply issues

(C): Excruixator Barbarians–[Fiendish]: These insane variants of Christianity emerged as the “most violent and dangerous” bunch of Christians, after several thousand varieties of Christianity emerged in the region. The Excruixators enjoy capturing, crucifying, and then eating the “blood and bread” of a victim to gain “eternal life”.

(D): Amazon Jungles [Difficult]: Supply Issues, dangerous Fauna.

(E): Agent Lastdream [Fiendish]: Threeist Bastards created a supervirus that is spread only by insects. Unfortunately, it is insanely lethal, killing a victim within hours; fortunately, it kills so fast that it has zero chance of spreading through any other means.

(F): Atomic Warlordates [Very Difficult]: These idiot Barbarians have acquired a stockpile of nuclear weapons from old governments, and are sitting on top what could be extremely useful farmland.

(G): Antarctica [For Heroes Only]: Distance, Lack of Food Supply, Extreme Weather Conditions.

(H): Labrador [Moderate]: Terrain

(I): Greenland [Difficult]: Terrain, Lack of Food Supply, Distance

(J): Killing Grounds [Fiendish]: Terrain, Lack of Food and Water Supply, Tranquility scout patrols.

(K): Radiated Jungles [Fiendish]: Unexploded Nuclear Ordinance, Radiation exposure, Terrain.

(L1): Siberia [Moderate]: Terrain, Occasional “Ghost Russian” attacks.

(K2): Gobi Desert [Difficult]: Terrain, Water Supply, Occasional “Ghost Russian” attacks.

(L2): Xin Jiang [Very Difficult]: Heavily armed babarians, possibly with discarded nuclear weapons, but in any case, very serious scavenged gear.

M: Outback [Moderate]: Terrain.

For Completeness:

Space Orbit: [Fiendish]: Economic Costs are prohibitive, Technology doesn't exist to achieve this, but perhaps both are possible with massive economic development.

Luna: [For Heroes Only]: Building a Moonbase is beyond the scope of present technology and the economic costs are insane. No nation can hope to achieve this.

Population Figures


2250- 320 Million

A Brief History


Date(s) Era Notable Events World Population at start Thread Pages
1984-2000 Breakdown of Threeism The 'Big Three' begin to break up 2 billion 1-3
2000 Millenial Wipeout A threeist superweapon is launched to strike back at breakaway states 1.8 billion 3
2000-2025 The Fight against Threeism The world tries, and fails, to wipe out the remaining Threeist splinters before a new weapon can be launched 750 million (150 million by 2001) 3-6
2025 Agent Gooddeath The Threeist splinters attempt to regain control with another superweapon 300 million 6
2025-2040 The crushing of Threeism The world unites in a breif federation to crush the last Threeist splinters 50 million 6-7
2040-2097 Post-Threeist Era The world attempts to move away from Threeism. Collapse of IngSoc, Marxist Utopian and Death Worship Faiths, Antichristianity founded. Includes Nuclear exchange between Russia and Siberia approx. 70 million? 7-18
2097 PCF-Transamerica Exchange North America, East Asia and Russia wiped out in a nuclear exchange 236 million 18
2097-2154 Years of Rebuilding The world gradually gets back on its feet. Some wars occur, Neo-Threeist States rise 188 million (184 million by 2098) 18-33
2154 Agent Unthinking Death 90% of the world's population is wiped out by a Neo-Threeist bioweapon. Note: Point of Divergence for the spin-off 600 million 33
2154-2250 First Great Time Jump Lack of population forces a jump of a century in game to get to enjoyable times 40 million (20 million by 2255) 33-34

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