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A board member who joined in November 2010.

Though scholar was an active and creative contributor to, he eventually got tangled into several Political Chat discussions and was banned by Ian at the start of October 2016 after repeated racist posts.


He is best known for his contributions to rvbomally's Ad Astra Per Aspera and the following three timelines:

Oh, I Am So Over My Head: A Roman->Modern Era Timeline - A Roman TL with a divergence in 476 AD.

The Rise and Fall of the Gongsun Family - A timeline set in Chinese antiquity.

The Ten Worlds Project - An ASB timeline.

Shared Worlds projects

In Shared Worlds, scholar was best known for his participation in Fictional ISOT (FISOT) map games.

Participated in the award-winning Coutries of An Alternate World 2* map game.

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