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Countries of an Alternate World : From the Beginning

A COAAW map game started by le man. Though taking inspiration from previous COAAW projects, it comes with a few interesting gameplay twists (see Rules section). The game's thread can be found here. This game has since died.


The rules for this experimental COAAW, as explained by le man:

We start in 10000 BC. Whoever's turn it is, creates a nation. The next person creates a nation and can optionally choose to make time pass. Of course, it can't be too far in the future, so if I see you doing this, I won't allow it. This is how it's gonna go for a bit.

However, nations that start in 10000 BC are probably not gonna be around in 2000 AD. So here's how we fix that. Instead of creating a nation on your turn you can choose to :

Conquer: Have one nation take control of a part or a whole of the other's territory.

Balkanize: Have a nation split into two or more states.

Revolutionize: Have a nation change its government type.

or Colonize: Have a nation increase its territory without conquering another nation.

I realize this has a lot of potential to go south, so if it becomes ruined, I will intervene and make changes to the rule. As of now, I'm going to hope that Rousseau was right about human nature, at least on this site. I trust that the claims will be fair, and the claim list followed. Have fun!

Submission Format - Only the essentials.

Official Name: The nation's name for itself. Does not have to be in their own language or anything.

Other names: Other names, often shorter than the official one.

Government: Type of government.

Capital: Capital name. If different than OTL say the OTL name.

Languages: State language(s), plus others. Percentages are good, but not required. Also it should add up to more than 100% if anyone is multilingual.

Religion: State religion, plus others. Percentages are good, but not required. Also, say how many are irreligious. For example. 80% irreligious, but 90% Catholic. 90% of the people are technically Catholic, but 80% of the people altogether are not serious about their religion. So percentages can add up to more than 100%. There can also be people who practice multiple religions, in the case of non-Abrahamic ones.

Brief History: Try not to contradict. Also, be plausible.

Multiple actions per turn are allowed, within reason.

List of countries and historical developments

The countries are listed according to the order of their appearance in the map game. The list is arranged according to the following template: official name of the country - description of where the country's OTL location would be - historical date - name of the board member who created the country. The list is also interspersed with regular summaries of events worldwide and the changes to geopolitics they've brought.

Maps of former and current colonial powers


Additional maps


List of major religions in the From the Beginning Universe

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