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British board member who joined in November 2010.

Orsino was banned in July 2017, after he returned to (after having not posted in over a month) and started a thread full of hyperbolic rants against, even issuing thinly-veiled threats against its moderation staff and its denizens. The stream of accusations included “ being anti-free speech”, “racist”, “antisemitic”, “the moderators needing to get a proper job” (despite the fact the mods do moderating for free and all have day jobs) and a load of other weirdness. All provided with exactly zero evidence, to back up Orsino's claims. The admin rebuked him politely, then banned him and Orsino left our ranks.

Curiously, though Orsino came from the UK, he was fairly obsessive with the accusation that “is not free” and “ threatens freedom of speech”, which sound more like the complaints of certain American abusers of the term “free speech” (who confuse the concept with “saying something horrible and thinking they're then free from the criticism of others”).

Shared Worlds projects

The Long Build - English City Game - A city-building map game with the goal of building a realistic English settlement from the Roman period to the modern day.

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