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Baconheimer is a member of Before joining, Baconheimer discovered the site randomly and then read the Age of Empires Map Game, which he found extremely interesting at a young age. Because he was too young to join the site legally, he went to a wikia on which he started some map games. He remained there for a while even after he was old enough to join this site, and finally joined this site on the 28th of March 2011.

Baconheimer was involved in the Provisional Parliament, in which was initially a Labour Democrat Member. He then defected and formed the Imperialist Party, which existed from the 16th of January 2013 to the 23rd of January 2013, when it joined with a few other parties to form the Monarchy Party. Baconheimer served his time, never actually kicked out by the Vote of No Confidence suggested by Zeldar155. Eventually, the game fell apart.

Baconheimer is also known for spending some time in nation games and moderated games.

The Folly of The Bacon

He is known for his crappy grammar and spelling, leading many to think he was trolling or drunk, though neither was true. As an example:

Unte The Hedajazians unite withe the Syrians.\ Parts iof the United States are annexed by foreigne poweres (try to guess which ons!) Secede East Vatican secedes from the Vatican. Some town on the Loiusiana-Texas border (at least I thinks.) secedes.

and the response.

Are all those grammar mistakes and those ridiculous changes a bad trolling attempt or are you drunk? and you forget to change Hedjaz color too Anyway i claim next ( OOC: Should I include his obviously not serious changes or take the map from before? ) Edit: And only one power could take territory in America due to only 1 unite move left, the other was hedjaz joins syria. Edit2: i will use the old map for now, the mod can decide, if that changes are legitimate.

Kicking of the Bacon

In late 2011, Baconheimer created a highly implausible map which he posted in the dying moments of the legendary Map Thread VIII. When he asked if the map was a plausible 2026 for a POD in 1950, it was unanimously agreed that it was not. Baconheimer then wrote of the map, “Kind of Trollin on my part.” On the 26th of December 2011, CalBear kicked Baconheimer for 10 days.

Achievements of the Bacon

He is also known as the creator of he first known Pug-Wank.

Killed Canada, although he swears it was just an accident.

Once was the Labour MP from some place in the Shared World Republic.

Frequent Occurrences

These things occur in many of Baconheimer's works.

IRS led coup. This happened in one quick TL (never finished), posted in ASB. Baconheimer has also asked about it in ASB.

Celtic Fascists. This happened in an ISOT game called The countries of a recognizable,but very diverse world: a new idea. In it, a country known as the Greater Celtic Empire came about, in a world where the British Empire broke apart in the early 1900s. This empire conquered most of Western Europe, and set out to Celticize it. Also, in a free form NG, known as Our World, Our Way, Baconheimer created an authoritarian Ireland with mandatory military service, along the lines of Israel. He did the exact same thing in its successor. In that game, the Americans thought an invasion of Northern Ireland was imminent, but forgot about it after Russia attacked Finland 3 times, getting two 5's and a 10. Three Russian cities were then nuked, so the game ended.

American Boers (Amerika{a}ners).

Independent Scandanavian-run Midwest.

Super CSA.

Split Oklahoma.

Other Stuff

Moderated Games Career

Baconheimer is known for doing a lot in the Moderated Games section of Shared Worlds. He has played quite a few Moderated Games, but up until Viva la Revolucion, had a lower quality of play, and often quit early on. These are some of the highlights of the games he has played.

CNG: From Crooked Wood Set in the 1830s and run by TheShah. Baconheimer played as a group of alternate Boers, known as Amerikaaners, based around Lake Michigan who had a government called the Union of the Fourteen Counties. Facing Basque expansion, the Amerikaaners, with assisstance from the Basques were set up in the Ozarks to deter Texan expansion northwards. However, on that Trek, many Amerikaaners settled north of OTLs Missouri River, and the Nieuwland Republic was declared, so Baconheimer began to play as that nation. The game ended while Baconheimer was away without internet.

Sigged Posts

One of Baconheimers posts has been sigged.

In April of 2014, Lammergeiers sigged this post which says We rule the seas Rule Estonia! Estonia rules the waves Estonians ne'er ne'er ne'er shall be Slavs!

In Fiction

The eponymous character of Baconheimer, a crew member of the MES-2 Uchronia from Enterprise, is based on him.

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