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Alternate History Geek

A forum user, born and raised in the great and thriving metropolis of Worcester, Massachusetts, though since 26 August 2014 C.E. residing in the lesser though also thriving metropolis of Brainerd, Minnesota, who is quite a bit further left politically than even the Massachusite average (something of an accomplishment, that), due to being an unabashed Communist. Will jump in to defend Communism whenever he sees someone criticise the concept (although it is to be noted that he is just as quick to tear apart numerous Communist leaders, with the possible exception of Tito). Stopped posting timelines for quite a while when he proved less than capable of making them non-ASB, instead devoting his time to mapmaking and posting numerous challenges and WIs (frequently posting nothing further and standing by as other posters tore each other to bloody shreds over the issue), but has recently jumped back into the timeline business. Originally, he strongly supported the idea that the mods and admins should be held fully accountable to the community's wishes, and was once kicked for calling Ian a dictator; since then, however, he has mellowed somewhat, and has stopped openly calling for Ian's ouster.

Is an ardent Massachusite nationalist, considering Maine, New Hampshire, western and central New York, and much of the upper Midwest (plus, depending on his mood, a greater or lesser quantity of trans-Mississippi land) to be rightful Massachusite soil.


Prefers to be referred to as “Lord of Space and Time”, his former user title.


a.) Timelines


Orange Tempest: What if 2010's Hurricane Igor was much, much worse?


Sadat's War

Tossed in the Sea of Time: An ISOT Timeline

2012 Massachusetts ISOTed to 1750

b.) Other stuff

AHG's Roll to Dodge, a clone of Dumanios' Roll to Dodge (on hiatus from 3 January 2014 to 14 March 2014, then picked back up, shut down and had its own clone made, then THAT clone was shut down too and everyone went back to Dumanios' version; later, after Dumanios shut down his version due to lack of time in real life, a third version of AHG's Roll to Dodge was created, which ran for some time before shutting down due to lack of time in real life on AHG's part).

The Spillover Natter that Shouldn't Go in the Hall of Infamy Thread, a thread in which to continue off-topic discussions started in the HoI.

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