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Countries of an Alternate World

A map game started by theReturner. Its thread can be found here.

It is the first in the Countries of an Alternate World series of map games. It is notable for starting as a simple game of posts about alternate countries, but slowly evolving into a more complex work which also incorporated maps of the globe showing the exact location of said countries.


  • 1. All Countries must make up ONE, PRESENT DAY WORLD.
  • 2. Smaller the better. Make big empires if you must, but put them in terrible locations i.e. Siberia. I want the world to finish in enough time to let history unfold, but slow enough for everyone to participate that wishes to. I hope you understand what I mean.
  • 3. You may only post one nation every post
  • 4. Do not wank your nation to ASB levels.
  • 5. Flags are fine, but not required.
  • 6. Please post a map, but it's not required. If you don't post a map, then describe your countries location well enough for us to interpret where it is.
  • 7. The POD is 1 A.D. though you can make it a bit later if you want.
  • 8. No Draka, Peshawar Lancers, or any other AH literary bull-crap. Be creative. Also no things from OTL which are much later than the POD, such as a Third Reich or Soviet Union or USA. This is also no ISOT map game.
  • 9. The year that this map is in is 2011 A.D.
  • 10. You have to claim before you post, and when you have claimed you have 4 hours time to post your nation.
  • 11. Delete the rivers when you have posted your country.

List of countries

The countries are listed according to the order of their appearance in the map game. They are listed in the following template: “official name of country” - description of where their OTL location would be - name of the board member who created the country

  • 1. Placeholder 1 - Placeholder 1 - Placeholder 1
  • 2. Placeholder 2 - Placeholder 2 - Placeholder 2

List of major religions

  • Placeholder 1
  • Placeholder 2

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