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Countries of an Alternate World with a Civil War POD

A COAAW map game.


*1861-US Civil War starts.

*1864-Massive riots in Britain.

*1864-Irish Rebel.

*Late 1860s-Fenians attack the Maratimes.

*1867-US Civil War ends.

*1869-Dublin is captured by rebels.

*1869-Rebellions begin in Wales, Cornwall, and Scotland.

*1870-Celtic League declared independent.

*1881-Brittany joins the Celtic League.

*June 18th, 1894-Texas declares independence.

*1900-Texas abolishes Slavery.

*1906-France Encourages Mexico to Attack Texas.

*1906-Texas joins the First World War.

*1911-Texas gains Sonora, Chihuahua and the North End of Baja California from Mexico under the Second Hohenzollern Treaty, also known as the Treaty of Charlottenberg.

*1931-Mexico attacks Texas.

*1935-Texas aquires the Southern Part of Baja California as a puppet state.

*1970s-Segregation is abolished state by state.

*1970s-Texas declares Spanish an official language.

*1975-Coup in Fenian Republic.

*1912-Slavery Abolished in the CSA.

*2004-Segregation ends.

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