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3rd Countries of an Alternate World

A sequel to the Countries of an Alternate World and The New Countries of an Alternate World. Created by Zuvarq. You can find it here.

One peculiar specialty of this incarnation of the game is that the players do not post historical backstories for the nations they introduce into the game - the history is only fleshed out once the world map is fully finished. (Whether this is a good idea in terms of avoiding consistency problems or not, remains controversial among map game players.)


  • 1. All countries must make up ONE world.
  • 2. The smaller the better.
  • 3. Flags etc. are welcome but not required.
  • 4. Please provide a map.
  • 5. Claim a post before you create your nation.
  • 6. Only create present-day countries.
  • 7. Feel free to create multiple countries.
  • 8. You are allowed to make one 'big' country, and as many 'small' countries as you want. However if you help with lists and data etc. then you may put more than one big country. (A 'big' nation is anything larger than 2010 OTL Poland. A 'small' nation is anything smaller than 2010 OTL Poland.)
  • 9. Don't put in a history for your nation.
  • 10. Use the template.

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