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5th Countries of an Alternate World

A sequel to the 4th Countries of an Alternate World. Created by Nusantara. It is now finished and you can find it here.


  • 1. All Countries must make up ONE, PRESENT DAY WORLD.
  • 2. The smaller the better, but I won't restrict size. Make big empires if you must, but put them in terrible locations i.e. Siberia. I want the world to finish in enough time to let history unfold, but slow enough for everyone to participate that wishes to. I hope you understand what I mean.
  • 3. You may only post one nation for every page. If this becomes popular then I will make it one nation for every two pages.
  • 4. Do not wank your nation to ASB levels.
  • 5. Flags are fine, but not required.
  • 6. Please post a map, but it's not required. If you don't post a map, then describe your countries location well enough for us to interpret where it is. When using maps, please use the map I used in this OP.
  • 7. The POD is 1 A.D.
  • 8. No Draka, Peshawar Lancers, or any other AH literary bull-crap. Be creative. I would be disappointed to see cliche and unoriginal nations.
  • 9. The year that this map is in is 2010 A.D.
  • 10. Have fun, and be creative. (But not ASB.)

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