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ASB Colonisation Map Game

Map game started by Crayhistory on 10 March 2009. The ASB Colonisation [sic] Map Game was the first known thread to use the following basic rule scheme (taken from the thread itself), which, with adaptations, has been used for most map games since:

Your role is too update the map with what happens 10 years later and so on. I would aprreacitate it if you dont just suck up a whole nation and say this is what happend in 10 years.

If you want to post the map with a short timeline that would be great.

Players included Crayhistory, Blue Max, Codae, Solomaxwell6, Megaman03, and Fox of Ages.

Blue Max eventually left the game due to plausibility issues and established the far more expansive End of Dystopia Map Game.

The ASB Colonisation Map Game can be found here.

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