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Countries of an Alternate World 2*

A map game started by Muwatalli'. Its thread can be found here. It has been preliminarily dubbed “The Second Asterisk Universe” (jokingly referring to the thread's title). The acronym is COAAW 2*.

It is the sequel to Countries of an Alternate World * and it's part of the Countries of an Alternate World series of map games, the first of which was started by theReturner in November 2009.


This map game won the 2013 Turtledove Award in the Best New Map Game category.


  • 1. All Countries must make up ONE, PRESENT DAY WORLD.
  • 2. Smaller the better, especially in places where a lot of people want to make their nations, e.g. Europe or Asia. Make big empires if you must, but put them in terrible locations i.e. Siberia. I want the world to finish in enough time to let history unfold, but slow enough for everyone to participate that wishes to. I hope you understand what I mean.
  • 3. You may only post one nation every post
  • 4. Do not wank your nation to ASB levels.
  • 5. Flags are fine, but not required.
  • 6. Please post a map, but it's not required. If you don't post a map, then describe your countries location well enough for us to interpret where it is.
  • 7. The POD is 350 A.D. though you can make it a bit later if you want.
  • 8. No Draka, Peshawar Lancers, or any other AH literary bull-crap. Be creative. Also no things from OTL which are much later than the POD, such as a Third Reich, Soviet Union or USA. This is also no ISOT map game.
  • 9. The year that this map is in is 2012 A.D.
  • 10. You have to claim before you post, and when you have claimed you have 4 hours time to post your nation.
  • 11. Delete the rivers when you have posted your country.

List of countries

The countries are listed according to the order of their appearance in the map game. They are listed according to the following template: official name of the country - description of where the country's OTL location would be - flag or other insignia of the country - name of the board member who created the country

  1. Politia na Pikta (Politia of Pictia) - flag - OTL northern England, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland - Muwatalli'
  2. Senatvs PopvlvsQve Romanvs (The Second Roman Republic) - OTL Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Catalan/Balearic coast of Spain, part of Slovenia and Dalmatia - alex costa
  3. The United Kingdoms of Lusitania - OTL Portugal, Gallicia, northern and central Spain, Tanger and Ceuta, Madeira and the Azores - Ulster
  4. Coptic Kingdom of Egypt - flag - OTL Egypt, Levant and bits of eastern Libya - Lalli
  5. Θiudinas Guθiuda (Kingdom of Gothia) - OTL southeastern Thrace and northwestern Anatolia - Muwatalli'
  6. Politia of Carthage - OTL Lybian and Tunisian coast - Ulster
  7. Konxerixet Xautland (Kingdom of Gautland) - flag - OTL southern Sweden (Skane) and some of the northeastern islands in the Lesser Antilles - Aesir
  8. Wei Dynasty - OTL Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan - scholar
  9. Respublica Massasoitensis - OTL New England, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia - EdM
  10. The Kingdom of Colchis - OTL Abkhazia, Georgia, northeastern Pontic coast - Ulster
  11. The Eternal Empire of Persia - southern half of OTL Iran and the entire coast of the Pesian Gulf - scholar
  12. Mangiśta Aksum (Kingdom of Aksum) - OTL Nubia, northern Ethiopia, eastern Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti - alex costa
  13. The Great and Noble Politia of Hispania - OTL central and southeastern Spain (bordering TTL's Lusitania and Second Roman Republic) - Ulster
  14. Empire of Japan, Dai Nihon - OTL northern 2/3s of Honshu and Hokkaido - scholar
  15. Şirvan Türk Politı (Turkish Politia of Shirvan) - OTL Iraq, northwestern Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan - Muwatalli'
  16. Politia na hÁcadiann (Politia of Acadia) - roughly OTL Acadian Canada - EdM
  17. The Republic of all Hindustani Peoples - OTL Tanzania, northern Mozambique, eastern Zambia, Malawi, the northern half of Madagascar, Tromellín Island, the Comoros, the Seychelles and the Diego Garcia archipelago - scholar
  18. The most Righteous & Progressive Imperium of Latium Hesperidiea - OTL southwestern US, central America sans Yucatán, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, northern Chile - RoyalPsycho
  19. The Politia of Belgica - roughly OTL Belgium - Ulster
  20. Politia na Maorais Talún (Politia of Maoriland) - OTL New Zealand and its nearby archipelagos - EdM
  21. Kingdom of Burma - roughly OTL peninsular Thailand - scholar
  22. The Han Dynasty - roughly OTL northernmost Manchuria, Mongolia, southern Siberia and Sakhalin - scholar
  23. Politia of Nye Sverike - OTL southern half of Texas and Mississipi and all of Florida - robbiej
  24. Slovonski politia - roughly OTL Bosnia and Slavonia - Lalli
  25. The Kingdom of Thailand - OTL Cambodia and southern Vietnam - scholar
  26. Politia na hÉireann Nua (Politia of Nova Hibernia) - OTL News South Wales, Victoria, bits of southern Queensland and South Australia - EdM
  27. The Kingdom of Nuva Baetica - OTL South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland - Ulster
  28. New Jutia - OTL southern Canada, northern US, the Great Lakes region - Bacomheimer
  29. Frankish National State - OTL Netherlands - robbiej
  30. Magyar Politiság (Politia of Hungary) - OTL southern Ukraine, including Crimea - Muwatalli'
  31. The United Principalities of all Tartars - roughly OTL European and Siberian Russia along both sides of the Urals - scholar
  32. Keninkryk Fryslân (Kingdom of Friesland) - OTL Normandy and southeastern England - EdM
  33. The Russian Empire - OTL Russia and Belarus, Karelia, Novaya Zemlya - scholar
  34. Elefanté Politia - flag - roughly OTL Ivory Coast - AlexLines
  35. Somali Politia - the entirety of the Horn of Africa - Lalli
  36. Boer State of Ceylon - OTL Sri Lanka (Ceylon) - Dannyboy
  37. Kingdom of Poland - OTL Poland, western Belarus and northwestern Ukraine - Lalli
  38. Fédéraxon de Yamasé (Federation of Yamaseh) - OTL southern Atlantic US states - Muwatalli'
  39. Politia Nederlaans (Politia of the Netherlands) - OTL German Frisia, German coast of the North Sea - EdM
  40. Northern Yakut States - OTL Kamchatka, Chukotka and surrounding territories to the west - scholar
  41. Eastern Wei Dynasty - OTL northern Pakistan and western Tibet - scholar
  42. Politia de la Gaulle (Politia of Gallia) - OTL France and northernmost Spain and Andorra - EdM
  43. Allemannisch Politia - OTL Germany - Lalli
  44. Zhao Dynasty - OTL China and Korea - scholar
  45. Pancap Politı (Politia of Pancap) - borders of OTL India and Pakistan - Muwatalli'
  46. Cymdeithas Tzhessypiwc (Commonwealth of Tzhessapeuck) - OTL Atlantic USA, roughly Virginia and West Virginia - EdM
  47. Centronesia Politia - OTL Indonesia and Malaysia (but without Papua) - Lalli
  48. The Qutuq Dynastic Empire - OTL central and southern Indian, but without coastlines - scholar
  49. Kingdom of Swedland - flag - OTL central and northern Sweden - Lalli
  50. Republic of Lapland - OTL Finnish and Swedish Lapland - EdM
  51. Cai Dynasty - OTL Taiwan, southern Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu - scholar
  52. Finnish politia - OTL Finland - Lalli
  53. Trajansulas politia - OTL Philippines - Lalli
  54. Proletarian Asian Federation - most of OTL Myanmar/Burma - Muwatalli'
  55. Vietnam - OTL northern Vietnam and northern Thailand - scholar
  56. The Kingdom of Ubangi - roughly OTL Nigeria, Chad, easter Niger and eastern Sudan - Orsino
  57. Republijk Patagonje (Republic of Patagonia) - OTL Argentina, Chile and southern Paraguay - EdM
  58. Politia of Caribia - most of the OTL Lesser Antilles - Lalli
  59. Politia of Bergland - OTL Pacific coast of North America - Lalli
  60. The Mathura Shahdom - OTL northern India and southern Nepal - scholar
  61. Politia na Ciscis (Politia of Ciscis) - a small portion of OTL Tennessee - EdM
  62. Kingdom of Hawaii - OTL Hawaiian Island and several archipelagos in the northern Pacific - Lalli
  63. Kingdom of the Tatras & Carpathia-Beskidia - OTL central and eastern Slovakia, Transcarpathian Ukraine and northern-northeast Hungary, colonies on OTL Canary Islands, Saint Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha - Petike
  64. Vladavina od Panonije (Polity of Pannonia) - OTL western Hungary and eastern Austria - EdM
  65. Politia Nova Tuscia - roughly the OTL part of Brazil where the largest metropolises are located - Muwatalli'
  66. Federation of Australasia - most of OTL Autralia, all of Papua and the Solomon Islands - Lalli
  67. The South West Commanderies - OTL Tibet and Nepal - scholar
  68. Politické-zřízení z Česka (Politia of Tscheskhia) - mostly identical to the OTL Czech lands - EdM
  69. Politien Jörxien - OTL central midwestern US - EdM
  70. Sultanate of Oman - OTL Oman, eastern Yemen and the United Arab Emirates - Lalli
  71. ܐܬܘ(Assyria) - OTL central and western Iraq - Muwatalli'
  72. Saxonwycke Politia - OTL southwestern England - EdM
  73. Federated Polities of Greece - OTL southwestern Anatolia and Crete - robbiej
  74. Knesija Burgundije (Kingdom of Burgundy) - flag - OTL Romania, Moldova and northern Bulgaria - Benkarnell
  75. Politia of Anatolia - most of OTL Anatolia - Ulster
  76. Politia na Mayapan - OTL Yucatán peninsula - Lalli
  77. Astro Empire (old, non-canon version) & Astro Empire (new, canon version) - roughly OTL northern Congo - TradeMachine (revised version by Ulster)
  78. Federation of Diamanta - a big chunk of OTL Brazil - bigseb31213
  79. Avarian Politia - roughly OTL central and southern Serbia - Benkarnell
  80. Ukrajins'ka Konfederatyvnoji Respubliky (Ukranian Confederal Republic) - OTL central and eastern Hungary, Transylvania and northern Serbia/Vojvodina - EdM
  81. The Grand Duchy of Lemuria - flag - OTL southern half of Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands (Mauritius, Réunion, Rodrigues) - Petike
  82. 南遙王國 (Kingdom of Nan Yao) - southwestern tip of southern India - Benkarnell
  83. Karduchia - OTL northern Syria and northern Iraq - EdM
  84. Politia of Klovesia - roughly OTL Uruguay and a bit of southern Brazil - robbiej
  85. Shona-Ndebele Confederative Politia - flag - OTL southern Mozambique, southern Zambia, Zimbabwe - Petike
  86. Politia na Duphradia (old, non-canon version & Politia na Duphradia (new, canon version) - OTL western African coast south of the Bight of Guinea - Lalli (revised version by Ulster)
  87. Republic of Central Africa (old, non-canon version) & Republic of Central Africa (new, canon version) - a large portion of OTL central Africa and the Congo - TradeMachine (revised version by Benkarnell)
  88. Senato e Poplo Nuediénso (Numidian Republic) - OTL Morocco, Western Sahara and most of Algeria - Benkarnell
  89. Imazighen-Tuareg Tamazgha Tawsheten Politia ("Berber-Tuareg North African Clan Union Politia") - flag - OTL central and Atlantic Sahara (above the Senegalese coast) - Petike
  90. United Kingdoms of Dravidia - most of the OTL eastern coast of India - robbiej
  91. The Principality of the 10,000 Cumans - OTL central Iran, to the north of TTL Persia - scholar
  92. Litora Aurum (The Gold Coast) - OTL Liberia and Burkina Faso, with western bits of OTL Cote d' Ivoire - robbiej
  93. Deşt-i Qipçaq (Kipchak Khaganate) - OTL south bits of Russia, betweeen the Caspian coast and Sarmatia - EdM
  94. Kingdom of Indu - flag - OTL southern Pakistan, the Indus river delta - Muwatalli'
  95. Tywysogaeth Kernow Nowydh (Principalityof New Cornwall) - OTL northeastern Brazil, on a large river island in one of the mouths of the Amazon - False Dmitri
  96. Herravälde Öarna Miskit och Kajman - OTL Cayman Islands, Big Corn Island & Little Corn Island, Isla San Andres, Isla Providencia - EdM
  97. Druk Yul - flag - OTL Bhutan, plus bits of OTL north Myanmar, north Bangladesh and southeastern Tibet - Petike
  98. Insulae Tropicae Atlanticae - OTL Fernando de Naronha, Trinidade, Martim Vas archipelago, Atol das Roca, Sao Pedroe e Sao Paolo (islands off the coast of OTL Brazil) - EdM
  99. Southern Yakut States - roughly OTL northeast Siberia (without Kamchatka and Chukotka) - scholar
  100. United Polities of Guang Ji - OTL Bangladesh delta and region around Calcutta - robbiej
  101. Federated Kingdom of Hijaz, Yaman and Najd - flag - OTL Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen - Benkarnell
  102. Politia o Sasa’e - OTL Galapagos Islands - Muwatalli'
  103. Astrakhan Konfedyrl Şad - flag - OTL Caspian coast of cis-Caucasus Russia - EdM
  104. Hereroe Empire (old, non-canon version) & Hereroe Empire (new, canon version) - OTL Namibia and south Angola - Rührpött Mäniäc (revised version by Ulster)
  105. Yagir Zabulistani - Principality of Zabulistan - roughly the borderlands of OTL Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan - False Dmitri
  106. Cuecan Politia - OTL Bolivia and most of Paraguay - robbiej
  107. Kolachi Politia - OTL southern Pakistan, on the coast of the Indian ocean, next to the Kingdom of Indu - Benkarnell
  108. Taymyr Politia - OTL Taymyr peninsula and Severnaya Zemlya archipelago - Petike
  109. The Domain of the Steppe (Northern Mongols / Mongolia) - roughly OTL Mongolia and various extensive parts of southern Siberia, between TTL's South Yakut States and Wei Dynasty - scholar
  110. Nawanagar mukta śahēra - Free City of Nawanagar - OTL northwestern India, Indian ocean coast - False Dmitri
  111. Política de las Pampas - OTL south Brazil, between TTL's PPPC and Nova Tuscia - EdM
  112. The Sibir States - roughly OTL central Siberia - scholar
  113. Respubliq-ye-Quyzahrum Mithraistan (Politia-Quyzahrate of Mithraistan) - roughly OTL north Iran and southern Turkmenistan - EdM
  114. South-Pacific Federation - OTL French Polynesia, Samoa, the Cook Islands, Pitcairn Islands, Easter Island, etc. - Petike and False Dmitri
  115. Politia of Nubia - much of OTL Sudan and its historical predecessor Nubia - Ulster
  116. Cónaidhme Politia na Iathghlasnéise (Confederal Politia of Emeraldnesia) - OTL Palau and Federated States of Micronesia - EdM
  117. Kingdom of the Nations of Aryavarta - most of central northern India - False Dmitri
  118. Wolof Empire / Empire of the Wolof (old, non-canon version) & The Restored Wolof Empire (new, canon version) - OTL Senegal, Gambia, Burkina Faso, western Mali and Niger - Rührpött Mäniäc (revised version by Ulster)
  119. Gujarati Realm - OTL western India - False Dmitri
  120. Fransisabad Politia - OTL western India - False Dmitri
  121. Cherajipur Politia - OTL western India - EdM
  122. Politia na Mizoram a Manipur (Politia of Mizoram and Manipur) - roughly OTL eastern Bangladesh, northwestern Myanmar/Burma and bits of OTL Bhutan, sandwiched between ATL Guangjistan, Proletarian Asian Federation and Druk Yul - EdM
  123. खस महाराज Khasa Maharaj (High Kingdom of Khasadesh) - OTL northern Bangladesh, southern Nepal and bits of western Bhutan, sandwiched between ATL Druk Yul, Southwest Commanderies, Guangjistan and Kingdom of the Nations of Aryavarta - False Dmitri
  124. Kingdom of Bunjuro-Kitara - roughly OTL southwestern Ethiopia, northern Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda and bits of the easternmost DR Congo - robbiej
  125. Kingdom of Wakanda - roughly in OTL eastern provinces of the DR Congo and the territory of Malawi - False Dmitri
  126. Politia of Carthago Nova (New Carthage) - roughly OTL southwestern Gabon - Ulster
  127. Politia of Zaeierum Latinum (Zaeier) - roughly OTL Republic of the Congo (a.k.a. Congo-Brazaville) and the northwest parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (a.k.a. Zair, Congo-Kinshasa) - EdM
  128. The Paramount Chiefdom of Ture - roughly OTL Central African Republic and northern Democratic Republic of the Congo - Rognvald
  129. Republikia ya Kwanza (Republic of Kwanza) - roughly the western coast of OTL central Angola - EdM
  130. Lyondo Empire - roughly somewhere between OTL Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, the southern tip of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola - False Dmitri
  131. Confederate Politia of Lunda-Katanga - roughly OTL southern third of the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the OTL northeast edges of Angola, between ATL Central Africa, Kwanza, Lyondo and Wakanda - EdM
  132. Grand Kingdom of Sanghey - most of OTL Niger and Mali - robbiej
  133. Rix Bisö - roughly the entire coastal region of OTL Gambia (but not the remaining two thirds of its more inland territory) - False Dmitri
  134. Fédéraxon d’Africa de l’ouest (Federation of West Africa) - roughly the OTL inland two thirds of Gambia, most of southwestern Senegal and northwestern Guinea-Bissau - Muwatalli'
  135. United Empire of Equalenia - most of OTL Niger, Mali and bits of Burkina Faso - False Dmitri
  136. BaTswana-Sotho-Xhoisan Commonwealth - most of OTL Botswana, bits of OTL Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, Angola - Petike
  137. Oewimbunder Politia - roughly OTL northwestern Angola and southwestern Democratic Republic of the Congo - robbiej
  138. Kingdom of Great Dindibwe - parts of OTL Zambia and Zimbabwe - False Dmitri
  139. Free Politia of Kasanga - parts of OTL Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, and Senegal - Aesir
  140. Delphine Politia - most of OTL Namibia and parts of OTL Botswana - robbiej
  141. Băi Dăo Guójiā, "Hundred Islands States" - OTL Gilbert Islands (Kiribati), Phoenix Islands (Kiribati), Tokelau, Samoa, Tonga - False Dmitri
  142. Senatus Populusque Lamuensis et Mandanus - OTL Lamu Archipelago at the Kenyan coastline - False Dmitri
  143. La Politie de la Moyenne-Guinée - a chunk of the OTL Guineas - EdM
  144. Confederation of Capribi-Kalangwe - roughly OTL northern Botswana - EdM

Number of countries by author

Map of the World in late 2012

Maps of former and current colonial powers

Additional maps

List of major religions in the Second Asterisk Universe

  • Catholic Christianity - Roman Catholic Church, Greek Catholic Church (the details of GCC history are still being discussed)
  • Old Believer Christianity - a more stubbornly archaic type of faith, appears mostly in a few scattered pockets in central and eastern Europe (its exact history is still being discussed)
  • National churches - few and far between, like the Church of Magyaria, etc. (basically, like OTL Anglicanism… but IN CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE !)
  • Arianism - replaces stillborn Orthodoxy in both territory and importance
  • Donatism - North African form of Christianity, popular among Berbers and Tuaregs
  • Coptic Christianity - North African form of Christianity (largely analogous to the OTL one), popular in eastern North Africa and the Middle East
  • Confucianism
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Zoroastrianism
  • Tengriism

Timeline of Christian denominations in the 2* universe (courtesy of False Dmitri)

Famous personalities of the Second Asterisk Universe

Sorted according to their homelands, with the countries sorted alphabetically.


Willhielm III. - Last king of Allemannia.

Hanneleire Merz - Current chancellor of Allemannia.

Halmund Scidbert - Current consul of Allemania.


Gaio Kurdul - Muhtar (HoS) of Avaria.

Paulo S. Duber - Avaria's Consul.

Balochi Raj

Lorenzo de Balochia - The Lusitanian adventurer who helped unite the Balochi Raj in the 1880s.

Sabzpari II. - Princess regent of Balochia. She officially took the powers of the sovereign in 2002 when her father's health began to fail, and she continues in that role today.

Centronesian Politia

Samurputni Putra - Current consul.

Dava Vayapeek - Current prime minister.

Coptic Kingdom of Egypt

Cyril V. - Pope of Alexandria, leader of the Coptic Church and Head of Government.

Chonstantfine VII. - Current King of Egypt.

Paflos Maras - Leader of the current political opposition.

Ptolemaios Tanos - Commander of the Egyptian army, marshal.

Druk Yul

Chemsarpo Khesar VI. - Current Dragon King of Druk Yul.

Bhawana Caad - Queen Consort of Chemsarpo Khesar VI.

Thongdrel Tsechu - Head Advisor to the Dragon King.

Ugyen Parash - Royal Treasurer of Druk Yul.

Lobsang Kirpoche - Head Lama of the Redhats Sect, giving a speech at a Royal Council (parliament) meeting in June 2012.

Tenzin Namgayel - Head Lama of the Yellowhats Sect. Photo from January 2012.

Rangupati Puran Pema - Head Lama of the Greenhats Sect, giving an interview for the domestic and Guangjistani media in May 2012.

DJ Dr00k-Tashi! - Famous Druk Yul electronica artist. His number one international hit to date was On The High Mystic Peaks, No One Can Hear You Scream (When You're Plumneting to Your Death), from his third studio album Shoo Lay Log Jay Ge, Suja (“See You Later, Butter Tea”).

Federated Kingdom of Hijaz, Yaman and Najd

John VIII. - King of Hijaz, Yaman and Najd.

His Holiness Umayya VI. - Catholicos of Najran. The Catholicos is the senior-most official among all Coptic Arabs. He occupies an ancient see in southern Yaman that was the center of one of the earliest Christian communities in Arabia. Ex officio, he is also jointly head of government of the Kingdom of Hijaz, Yaman and Najd, but since the 20th century the Catholicate and the Holy Council have avoided interfering in politics and concerned themselves only with church governance. Umayyad VI has spearheaded programs of religious revival, aimed largely at gently discouraging the pagan practices so common in Arabian popular religion.

Finnish Politia

Juhani Leppälä - Current consul of Finland.

Lauri Joki - Current prime minister of Finland.

The Grand Duchy of Lemuria

Overview of Grand Duchy of Lemuria monarchs since the 18th century to 1968 - Excerpt from Who's Who in Lemurian History ?, (C) Chimurenga Publishing, 2014 (2nd edition).

Overview of Grand Duchy of Lemuria monarchs since 1968 and overview of current officials - Excerpt from Who's Who in Lemurian History ?, (C) Chimurenga Publishing, 2014 (2nd edition).

Imazighen-Tuareg Tamazgha Tawsheten Politia (Imazighenia-Tuaregia)

Zinedine Yidir - Current First Minister.

Bilal Dayak - Current Steward.

Siman Boutmazought - Current Governor-in-Chief of the Imazighen Federal Tawsheten (IFT).

Issouf Rafini - Current Governor-in-Chief of the Tuareg Federal Tawsheten (TFT).

Rabiu Harouna - Current Chief Representative of the Hausa People's Tawsheten Council.

Tizemt Talbensirt - Imazighen folk-rock and alternative rock musician.

Rhissa Kuni a.k.a. RhiK Ahaggar - Tuareg rock musician.

Kaina a Niue (Homeland of Niue)

Queen Kalotida - Current ruler of the nation.


Girven Gyanendra Pang - High King of Khasadesh

General Rama - with the committee of officers that really rule Khasadesh.

The Kingdom of Burgundy

King Onorjo of Burgundy and his wife, Queen Darija - The queen is related to the exiled Ukrainian royal family and grew up in Burgundy.

Constantina Petrafia Coval - The Strategos (head of government) of Burgundy. She is the third woman in a row to hold this position.

The Kingdom of Poland

Boleslaw VIII. - Current King of Poland.

Mieszhlaw Dubrowski - Prime minister of Poland.

The Kingdom of Swedland

Johan I Ålgran - First king of Swedland.

Current king of Swedland Eirik IV. and his wife, queen Ingrid

Ólaf Gröberg - Prime minister of Swedland.

The Kingdom of the Tatras and Carpathia-Beskidia (Kráľojevstvo Taťer a Karpátie-Beskidska)

Slavomír Aladár I. of House Borievka-Lekváros - The first king of the modern day Kingdom of the Tatras and Carpathia-Beskidia. Father of the current king, Peter IV.

Csilla Yevdokiya Havrylovna Borievka-Lekváros (née Yankovichova/Jankovičová) - Famed Rusyn novelist of Carpathia-Beskidia. Queen consort of Slavomír Aladár I. and mother of Peter IV.

Olena Dukhnovitchova/Duchnovičová - The first female Palatine of the Realm (serving for two terms in the 1950s, from 1951-1955 and 1955-1959). Deemed a great reformer of the education and healthcare systems.

Rastislav Tanács - The long-time leader of the Carpatho-Beskidian Agrarian Party in the 1930s and 1940s. Served as Palatine of the Realm from 1939 to 1943 and then again from 1947 to 1951. An influential political thinker, dashing diplomat and proponent of co-operation between the central European nations, many domestic and foreign historians have often labeled him “a man far ahead of his time and geographic origin”.

Petro Taras Šmigo - Minister of Finance in the 1930s. Spearheaded a programme to restore the value of the national currency after the 15 year turmoil of the Global War and the Disunion Wars that followed it (they came after the collapse of the Grand Union in the early 1920s). The restoration of the peoples' trust towards the old florin and its eventual replacement, the brand new toliar, proved to be the biggest succeses of Šmigo's bumpy, but distinguished carreer.

Štefan Timotej Almási - Minister of Transport and Vehicular Industries during the early 1950s. Creator of the current railway franchise in the country, instigator of the effort to interconnect the existing railway network into a more flexible one. During his second term in the early to mid 1960s, he oversaw the revitalization of the struggling Carpatho-Beskidian aerospace industry. This effort was derided by many of his contemporaries as needless expense, but already in the 1970s, the industry was booming and Carpathia-Beskidia became one of the foremost aviation producers in Europe. So far, it has succeded to hold on to this position.

Illés Monastyrsky - World-famous Old Believer missionary and microbiologist. Travelled many of the most troubled regions of Africa during the 1930s-1950s, helping establish an astounding amount of local healthcare centres and medical schools. His experiences with many badly understood tropical diseases led him into their deeper research. Over time, he inadvertently became one of the world's foremost experts in this field. When news about his endeavours reached the international media and public, he was heralded as a pioneer of a completely new approach to these epidemics that were once feared by many. Despite the accolades and awards, he kept to his image of a pious stoic, rejecting fame, and urged the developed countries to support the modernization of healthcare infrastructure and medical education in the poorer countries of the world. The modern day International Monastyrsky Insitute for Microbiological Research (IMIMR) is named in his honour.

Katalin "Iron-willed Kati" Tetőfedő - The young defender of the royal city of Košice during the Disunion Wars.

Peter IV. of House Borievka-Lekváros (1943-present) - Current king. Ascended the throne in 1962, after his father, Slavomír Aladár I., fell into a coma (and died two years later). The country recently held grand celebrations of his 50th anniversary on the throne. Though a little weary from the many problems he had to face during his youth and early royal carreer, Peter IV. remains an energetic, cheerful and immensely intelligent gentleman. One of his notable diplomatic successes was the reconcilliation effort between Carpathia and Lemuria that he spearheaded during the 1970s and 1980s. Since the thawing of the traditionally strained, icy relations, both countries have embarked on a new path of mutual understanding and cooperation. The relations have improved to the point that the ruling families now annualy pay each other a visit.

Darina Pčolinská - Current Palatine of the Realm (first term, 2009-present).

István Böszörményi - Previous Palatine of the Realm (2 terms, 2001-2009).

Matej Vlček-Varga - Royal General (Commander of the Armed Forces). Here you can see him giving a speech to his determined troops on the fortnight of Carpathia-Beskidia's deployment to the peacekeeping mission in war-torn Nubia.

Silvia Slivinská - Governant (governor) of the royal autonomous overseas territory of the Sealion Islands (OTL Canary Islands).

Timanfaya Armenine - Chief Representative of the Native Ethnicity (CRNE) of the royal autonomous overseas territory of the Sealion Islands (OTL Canary Islands). Born in 1983, she is the second female and the youngest to hold the position since its creation in the early 1940s.

Tichomír Hranostaj-Halász - Governant (governor) of the royal autonomous overseas territory of New Carpathia, New Beskidia and New Tatrania (OTL St. Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha).


Gerges Khader - Kolachi Navarc (equivalent to Admiral, the one on the right), with some of the other chiefs of the navy of Kolachi. The navy has run the government since 1998 but promises to relinquish power any day now.

Solomon Doshi - The figurehead Great Consul and legal head of state, is the man to whom Kolachi's reformers pin their hopes. Popular and liberally minded, Mr. Doshi has nevertheless had to cooperate with the navy brass in order to maintain his position.


King Caucen III of the of the United Kingdoms of Lusitania (centre), with his son (Prince Leonardo) and wife (Queen Maria) - All three attending the main military memorial ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (found in Olisipo's Royal Cathedral) on the anniversary of the treaty ending Lusitania's participation in the Global War.



Rama Gabani - The dynamic young consul of Nawanagar. He has become a symbol of the city-state's economic exuberance.

New Cornwall

Cador Langwern - Legatus (PM) of New Cornwall, meeting with a member of the Cornish Ducal family.


Silas Teodorus Pontes and Marco Rafael Palex - The current consuls of Numidia.

The Paramount Chiefdom of Ture

Pazande Nyau - The current Paramount Chief, greeting foreign investors. Born in 1969, Pazande believes in reforming the Ture nation into a modern land.

Politia na Pikta

Dafidd Glas - Current president of Pictia.

Migael Bridain - Current Chief Minister of Pictia.

The Politia of All Hindustani Peoples

Avjani Prem Gudjartha - Deputy Minister for the Government Solutions Bureau of the Hindustani Department of State for Foreign Affairs. In the photo, he greets well-wishers at the Nôordfryslân Main International Airport in Lundyn as the World Coinum conference gets underway for negotiations to set up a system of democratic or politian governance for the war-devastated nation of Nubia. Representatives of the Nubian core government, the southeastern breakaway republic of Junglei and the southwestern breakaway Redistributionalist faction, as well as Lusitanian and Colchian peacekeepers are expected to attend. The Coptic nationalists in the north of the nation have already announced that they will not attend. Hindustan is noted for its solutions for seemingly intractable problems of intranational civil unrest.

Politia of Gallia

Jacq Chilperic Dubois - Famous 19th century Gallian biologist and explorer, creator of the modern evolutionary theory.

Respublica Massasoitensis

Lucius Marcus Iulius Caesar - President. Descendant of Julius Caesar. At 45, Lucius Caesar is the youngest President in Massasoit's history.

Eileen Clamaggh - Prime Minister. She is Massasoit's second female Prime Minister.

Saxonwycke Politia

Aedelred Gedrick Hnutlea - Famous Saxonwycke war correspondent, expert on the conflicts in the former Republic of Midigallia (now the BaTswana-Sotho-Xhoisan Commonwealth). He's currently working on documenting the ongoing war in Nubia.

Shona-Ndebele Confederative Politia

Amahle Jongwe - First Minister of the Confederation.

Anashe Ngunzi - President of the Confederation.

Korneliyus Dindingwe - Presiding Chairman of the Shona Commonwealth.

Jabu Nyathi - Presiding Chairman of the United Ndebele Politias.

Slovonski Politia

Boris Gnazavic - The Consul of Slovonia.

Dmetri Gusevic - First minister of Slovonia.

Somali Politia

Aseem Mufajel - Dictator of Somalia.


Sergius Gaius Taurus - Roman explorer, the first European to visit Trajansulas.

Gaius Aurelius Scipio - First consul of Trajansulas.

Marius Pius Crassus - Current consul.

Claudia Petronius - Current prime minister.

United Empire of Equalenia

H.I.M. Tertullian Musa Maghan III - The current Emperor of Equalenia.

Teofilo Mariko- Deputy head of state from 1995 to 2002 and current head of the Proletarian Party.


Chala Chakaputra - The celebrity-king of the formerly isolationist kingdom of Wakanda.

A visual gazetteer of the Second Asterisk Universe

The countries are sorted alphabetically.

Astrakhan Konfedyrl Şad

Balochi Raj

A local khan meets with soldiers from Balochia and Kolachi who will be performing exercises in his province. - The two neighbors have had territorial disagreements in the past but have enjoyed almost completely friendly relations for close to a century. Kolachi is an important patron to Balochia today. Balochia gets aid and technical training, while Kolachi gets an increased regional footprint and a wide area of land for its soldiers to train. Balochia's borders with the Chinese tribute states are rather lawless regions in need of regular military operations.

Delegates from the Balochi Proletarian Party celebrate the news of their success in the recent legislative election. - Local khans are extremely powerful in Balochia, but at the national level it is a healthy democracy.

Coptic Kingdom of Egypt

Druk Yul

National flag

Diplomats of Druk Yul and Guangjistan signing the Guangjistani-Drukyulan Treaty of 1948. - Note the fabled dragon flag of Druk Yul at the upper right corner of the picture.

Pictoresque mountain monastery in the kingdom of Druk Yul (2012)

Traditional Drukyulan play in the National Theatre

Mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Druk Yul, as the country now slowly opens itself to greater outside influence, including an influx of tourists hailing from neighbouring Asian countries, but also from more distant locales.

Semifinals of the annual Drukyulan National Archery Championship

Female finalists of this year's National Archery Championship

Duket Kernow (Duchy of Cornwall)

Elefanté Politia

Empire of Mewar (Shahanshah-e Mewar)

Shahanshah Vishwa II tower in Viratanagar - The fifth largest tower in the world. Completed in 2005, it is often seen as a symbol of Mewar's rapid economic growth.

Federated Kingdom of Hijaz, Yaman and Najd

The Grand Duchy of Lemuria

National flag

Ducal standard, War ensign, Naval ensign, Air force roundel, Naval aviation roundel

Overview of the current Lemurian Defence Forces

Excerpt from an article about the endemic henpigeons of the island of Saint Denis & Current airlines of Lemuria - From The Official Tourist Guide to Saint Denis, (C) Chimurenga Publishing, 2008, and Lemurian Ducal Airways promotional pamphlets, 2012.

The Myth of the Daft Duchess - A popular historical misconception among some groups of the Lemurian political spectrum. Considered by many to be one of the main national myths of Lemuria, in addition to Ianus Sunog's unreliably verifiable dynastic fiction. See also: Fact and Fiction: A Critical Analysis of Lemurian History and National Identity, (C) Caleidoskop Publishing, 2002.

List of rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lemuria - All dates given represent years of reign, not dates of birth and death. Excerpt from Who's Who in Lemurian History ?, (C) Chimurenga Publishing, 2005 (1st edition).

Imazighen-Tuareg Tamazgha Tawsheten Politia (Imazighenia-Tuaregia)

National flag

Nouadhibou - Panorama of the federal capital, on the Atlantic coast.

White Kasbah in Adalerbie - In the Old Town of the Imazighen cultural capital Adalerbie.

Newer Adalerbie developments - Contemporary architecture of the Imazighen cultural capital Adalerbie.

Panoramas of the Ahaggar range area: Strange mountains, strange eroded hills, otherworldly valleys.

Old Town of Tadmekka - Much of the Tuareg cultural capital Tadmekka is historical in nature. Due to its solitary history, it is often called “The Loneliest Caravanserai”.

Civilian hybrid airship over the Sahara - Hybrid airship airliner traversing the vast deserts of the federative politia. A Beskid AeloTek BAT-44.2U SkyClipper, developed in Carpathia, customised for desert flight services.

The Kingdom of Poland

The Kingdom of Swedland

Knesija Burgundije (The Kingdom of Burgundy)


A drawing of the canal in central Kolachi - Say what you will about the naval junta, but they have done much to make the city beautiful.

Konxerixet Xautland (The Kingdom of Gautland)

The Kingdom of the Tatras and Carpathia-Beskidia (Kráľojevstvo Taťer a Karpátie-Beskidska)

National flag (to be added)

The etymological and vexilological history of House Borievka - Some info on the etymology of the name and the banners, standards and other insignia of one of the ancestral families of the current House Borievka-Lekváros.

Banner of House Borievka

Banner of House Lekváros

Royal banner of House Borievka-Lekváros

War ensign (to be added)

Naval jack (to be added)

Air force roundel (to be added)

Naval aviation roundel (to be added)

A brief overview of some of the vehicle inventory of the Carpatho-Beskidian Royal Army (CBRA)

The Kingdom of Indu


2012 composition of the Federal Parliament of the United Kingdoms of Lusitania

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - A Global War Armistice Memorial.

LNS Gaius - The new flagship of the Lusitanian Navy, on trials shortly after its completion.

LNS Mauretania - The flagship predecessor to the LNS Gaius, the carrier LNS Mauretania sails into harbour for the last time. The vessel became the centrepiece of the National Naval Museum in April 2011.

The original LNS Gaius - The Lusitanian battleship was hit by torpedoes from a Pictish submarine and sank in 1921. One hundred and seven of its nine hundred and eighteen man crew were killed.

Current composition of the Lusitanian parliament (2012) (scroll down to the bottom of the post)

Lyondo Empire

The Grand Council of Lyondo - Nowadays the fathers of the nation (as they are often known) mostly wear modern business dress, but the official opening and closing ceremonies call for a mix of modern and ceremonial attire. Note the rather Indian- (as opposed to African-)looking faces scattered throughout; there are considerably more people with some Indian ancestry in Lyondo than the “5% Hindi-speaking” figure would suggest. Note also that several women sit in the Grand Council. Though Lyondo is undeniably a patriarchal society, there is a long tradition of female leadership in the Council as daughters have taken control of parts of their families' business interests. The man in the red tie standing in the center of the front row is President Arun Hichilema.


Colchian Chief Minister David Arevmaneli addresses troops of the Colchian detachment, International Stabilisation Task Force, in Nubia during his visit to the war torn nation (July 12th 2011)

Baetican troops march onto their plane home at Soba International Airport following the end of their tour of duty

Nubian National Army recruits train in the use of anti-tank weaponry under the supervision of a foreign military adviser

Artillery of the Anatolian 4rd Armoured open fire on positions occupied by Coptic insurgents in northern Nubia. - The artillery bombardment, in cooperation with air strikes by the Royal Colchian Air Force, signaled the start of Operation Warhammer. The operation, carried out primarily by the Lusitanian 7th Legion, elements of the Baetican 2nd Infantry and forces from the Nubian National Army, would eventually succeed in securing the region around Nubia's capital and securing the heart of the politia.

Lusitanian Chief Minister Leo Serpa in Nubia alongside advisers, officers of the ISTF and members of the press (August 7th 2012) - The Chief Minister toured several Lusitanian bases in the country before arriving in Soba for talks between the Nubian government and the leadership of the South-Eastern Liberation Front, one of the nation's largest rebel groups. Hopes are high that an agreement can be negotiated between the central government and the rebels, with the government offering both autonomy for the south-east within the politia and a pledge to include freedom of religion in the new constitution


Berber rights protest street art in Cesaría. - The capital of Numidia has a growing Berber population, though most Berbers still live away from the coast. The Tifinagh script was used to write the Donatist scriptures and has been somewhat subversive for centuries. Today it is at least legal to use, but is still an expression of Berber pride.

Cesarían cityscape (2012)

The Paramount Chiefdom of Ture

Ture warriors, circa 1897

Ture Army personnel, circa 2012

A town militia drills - Increased strain between isolationists and the reform-minded king have made clans increase training and funding for their personal militias. A return to chaos might happen soon.

Ture Royal Ceremonial Mask with Crown

Politia na Pikta

National flag

Current composition of the Pictish parliament (2012)

Landmarks of the capital city Din Eidinn : Kirke na Kristu - This church, built in 1134, is the oldest church of the city.

Landmarks of the capital city Din Eidinn : Ar Hin Dinas (The Old Town) - The oldest part of the city. Most buildings date from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Landmarks of the capital city Din Eidinn : Palas Breniol (Royal Palace) - The former Royal Palace of Pictia, until the Revolution in 1813.

Landmarks of the capital city Din Eidinn : Senadd na Pikta (Senate of Pictia) - The seat of the Pictish government. Constructed in 1761, it one of the best example of Caledonian architecture.

Landmarks of the capital city Din Eidinn : Universidd na Pikta - Built in the 18th century, one of the most important universities of the country.

Landmarks of the capital city Din Eidinn : Ar Kerddelu na'r Politia (The Statue of the Republic) - Constructed in 1937, 87 metres tall and one the heighest statues in the world. It is a symbol of the Republic of Pictia and its strength.

Respublica Massasoitensis

Shona-Ndebele Confederative Politia

National flag

Emblem of national football team, "The Sun Birds" - In 2013, the team took part in the annual World Cup of ATL countries from around the multiverse.

Slovonski Politia

Tajmyr Politia

Nganasan, Dolgan and Nenets reindeer herders.

Chillin' in the tent... - While older types of tents and temporary shelters have mostly given way to modern designs, Taymyrian hunters and herders still hold on to traditions passed on from father to son since times immemorial.

A contrast of the old and new: Fishermen in traditional kayaks and battered old fishing trawlers leased from Russia.

Voloshinov Vo-7 - These Russian-manufactured transport biplanes have long been (and still are) the main aerial workhorses of Taymyria. Despite the country's very underdeveloped aerospace infrastructure, these machines have time and again proven invaluable to its modern economy.

A rare outside visit - Russian biologists coming to study the current level of biodiversity in Taymyria, after receiving a rare permit from the politia's government. Gromov Gro-22 heavy helicopter in the background.

United Empire of Equalenia

The Basilica of Our Lady in Gienne - One of the most important sites in Donatist Christianity. The photo shows the north entrance. To the left are the three east-facing apses.

International organisations

WML - World Medical League (something of a combination of the WHO and the Red Cross)

IMIMR - International Monastyrsky Institute for Microbiological Research (epidemiological, immunological and vaccine research)

Known companies

Aircraft and aviation companies: Beskid AeloTek (Carpathia-Beskidia), Brauer (Allemannisch Politia), Camran (New Eboracum), Gromov (Russia), MacCailín (Politia na Pikta), Moulin-Allard Aelo Fabrique (Gallia), Némes (Gallia), SONAECI (Federation of Diamanta), UANB (Kingdom of Nuva Baetica), Voloshinov (Russia), Yuen Liujing (Zhao Dynasty),
Airline companies: Lemurian Ducal Airways and its subsidiaries (Grand Duchy of Lemuria), Marabou Continental Aelonautic Investments (airliner owner/financier), Flag Carriers International (airline alliance)
Automobile companies: Lucus (Lusitania), MacCailín (Politia na Pikta)
Electronics manufacturers: Braga Electronics (Lusitania)
Colonial companies (past): Gautish Atlantic Company (17th century, Gautland), New Cornwall Company of Adventurers (17th century, Duchy of Kernow)
Military manufacturers: Nestorov-Hagymási (firearms, munitions, Carpathia-Beskidia), MaguraTech (land systems, Carpathia-Beskidia), Rautainen Sotavaunu (armoured vehicles, Finland), Beskid AeloTek (aviation, Carpathia-Beskidia), Moulin-Allard Aelo Fabrique (aviation, Gallia), Gromov (aviation, Russia)
Publishers: Chimurenga Publishing (Grand Duchy of Lemuria), Caleidoskop Publishing

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