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We're an Unbuilding Team : City Construction game

A game that marked the revival of the city-construction genre of map games, We're an Unbuilding Team was introduced to Shared Worlds by Mr. Magi in July 2013.

You can find the game's thread here.


To quote Mr. Magi:

“1. Be fairly plausible. I don't want to see things like Airstrips and Highways until the technology can match that.
2. Claim before a turn. You have a full day to post your turn. You can claim one period of grace worth twelve hours. After that, you lose the claim.
3. Buildings and structures have black outlines. Natural things do not.
4. You must include the city info form as well as the map with each turn.
5. Users can claim up to three non-consectutive years at a time. They may not post until the year prior to their turn is done.

Note that like me, you don't have to be a great artist or designer for this. simple shapes and forms with the appropriate zoning type will do just fine.”


The map game has been very successful at the Turtledove Awards.

It won the Best New Map Game category at the 2014 Turtledove Awards.

It then followed up this victory the following year by winning the Best Continuing Map Game category at the 2015 Turtledove Awards.

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