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Borys was a member hailing from Poland, who was banned after only a short while, though. As a member of both groups, he can also be counted among the Polish Trolls. However, he was noteably different to the others, who often had very common views. Borys was not near as ultranationalist (for example, he called the uprising of 1830 “unnecessary” and “foolish”, something the others would never do), and in difference to them could communicate with German and Russian board members in a civilised way. However, like them he was quite conservative, as reactionary as long ago Kadyet even. For example, he often repeated his view that there would be no salvation outside the Roman-Catholic Church. He never actually trolled, though.

However, in his reactionism and disdain for anything too leftist he sent Ian a PM asking wether he (Ian) was a communist shithead. Not very clever. That got him banned.

In fiction

Appeared as a member of the PoleTrolls in CITATION NEEDED, a Wikipedia-themed episode of The Series, as Molobo's technical advisor. Fought with Rafi on the bridge of the Ship before being press-ganged by Ran Exilis into being his lackey on Flocculencio's Mecha-Corvette.

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