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A country in the east half of central Europe. For a long time, in union with Lithuania… or Bohemia, or Hungary, or Saxony, or Sweden, however things turned out. Historical neighbour of both Germany and Russia, they made some bad experiences with them (vice versa too).

Nowadays, Poland borders Germany in the west, the Czech Republic in the southwest, Slovakia in the south, Ukraine in the southeast, Belarus in the east and Lithuania in the northeast. In the north lies the Baltic Sea, making Poland the only non-German-speaking central European country to have sea access (for most of its history).

It is considered the gospel truth by many on the board that Wikipedia is run by a combined Polish-Armenian junta.

Quite a lot of members come from Poland. They basically divide into three groups - nationalists, vexillophiles (flag lovers) and Otis Tarda, who is famous for creating the How do you Look thread. Unfortunately, Poland also produced an embarrassing number of trolls in the board's early history, which sometimes leads people to forget that Poland has contributed many proper members too.


And then there are the ones that have gone down in infamy :

Despite his handle, Polish Eagle is actually an American from Long Island.

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