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Roberto is a member who joined the board in August of 2007, after browsing the internet for sites in his insatiable thirst for Alternate History (hence the former names). He has started numerous TLs unsuccessfully. At the moment, Roberto is Thande’s official mapmaker for Look to the West, and regularly is involved in the Map Thread. He invented the term and concept of N00BWI, in which members parodically role-play a discussion thread pretending to be extraordinarily ignorant of history, geography and the butterfly effect. He is also known for his ‘AHF-style fantasy maps’, where a RL base map is used.


Previously known as AHFanatic, AHF shortened his username after being inspired by another member changing his name. He, in May 2008, changed his name to Roberto, considering it less geeky and more normal. It remains to be seen whether the name will stick.

Personal Info

Roberto is both a ginger and “hispanic”, a fact that, combined with his former home of Honduras, has compelled several members to suspect Darien-related time-travel.

Roberto is also referred to as 'a demographic of his own', referring to his, erm, 'unique' heritage (one quarter Yorkshiremen, 'Hispanic', half New York Jewish, half 'Atlantean', possibly full Scot, the list goes on and on).

On July 25th 2008, Roberto moved to Montevideo, Uruguay, also known as Mountain of Video Tapes. He wanted to go to Montedeeveedee, but it's still under construction.

He was born on September 11, 1994 - making him not only one of the younger members of, but one of the few whose birthday falls on a Point Of Divergence. In addition to being one of the youngest AH.commers, Roberto is also known as perhaps one of the handful of intelligent thirteen year olds. It came as a shock to many members to learn how young he was, because they considered him mature beyond his years.

Forum reputation

Thanks to not revealing his age for a while, he more or less escaped being classified as Luakel v3.0, despite treading in his footsteps by wanting insistently to be in the Series. Aside from his age he is best known for his demographic mix, which exists on the forum as a combination of Spanish, Honduran, Jewish, Scottish, Yorkshireman, Kryptonian, Antarctican, and Uruguayan.

See Also

In fiction

After being very insistent about wanting to be in the Series, he has so far appeared as “Robot-0”, the leader of The Germans' Cyborg Robots With Green Blood, in CITATION NEEDED.

He also appeared in Look to the West as Roberto Mateovarón, third President-General of the United Provinces of South America.

Has a brief appearance in Doctor What's Snake Oil.

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