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The Landshark Offensive

“We're testing the waters right now but we will prevail! We will fight in the ISOTS! We will fight in the wanks! We will fight in the Draka and Space threads! We will Fight in the Map Thread! We will never surrender! And if should last a thousand years, posters will still say “This was their finest thread”.” Spoken by Supreme Fleet Admiral Big Tex

Publicly declared by Field Marshal “Death or Glory!” Landshark in February 2009 as a public effort to stem the tide of teen idiocy in the ASB Forum. The Offensive consists of two major fronts:

1) Destructive

Ridiculing the teen threads and shaming their posters. Led by Burton K Wheeler.

2) Constructive

Creating new interesting ASB threads and reviving some old ones. Members contributing here included Big Tex, Thande and Landshark himself.

See Also

The ASB Forum is a Cesspool - One of the threads that motivated the creation of the Landshark Offensive.

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