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The Overlord is IronYuppie's new child. There is some question as to whether or not portents and strange lights were seen in the skies during the day of birth; however, he was born with a full head of hair and a tooth and weighed in at nearly nine pounds, which definitely indicates something. What exactly we don't know but it definitely doesn't bode well.

The Overlord is considered by many on the board to be the Future Ruler of Earth. As such he goes by many other monikers: The Chosen One; Destroyer of Worlds; Scourge of God; The Watcher at the Door; Overlord of Mankind; and He Who Arises in Wrath, to name but a few.

IronYuppie usually calls him Raymond though.

Doctor What insists that the Overlord will marry his niece Olivia and that their combined bloodlines will rule the Universe, although another possible future bride of the Overlord is Suri Cruise.

The Sealion is eventually bound for the Overlord, though possibly not until he reaches retirement age; rather characteristically of, we did not realise the irony of sending Sealion to the Overlord until after the plan had already been drawn up.

In Fiction

Part of the cast in Doctor What‘s Extinction Event, in which he appears as 'Raymond' - child of the lesbian couple of Karla (Kilngirl) and Erikka (IronYuppie).

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