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Mappist Cabal

An informal term to describe the denizens of the Map Thread and, nowadays, the various map threads covering the Maps and Graphics forum (formerly the inaccurately named Books, Movies, Games and Websites forum and then the Books and Media forum). Mappists consist of people who regularly post maps and comment on other people's maps.

Note that the mainstream Mappists do not always overlap with the FH Mappists (see: Committee of Shadow).

Traditional list of long-established Mappists

Scarecrow and Shadow Knight are noted for inventing the BAM.

Other Mappists


In Fiction

Their fictional counterpart was featured in The Series, as the crew of the multiverse ship Mercator. The faction's eventual return is planned for several stories of Enterprise.

See Also

Mapism - The holiest faith of faiths to the true believing mapmaker.

Map Colour Schemes - A source of divine inspiration, as well as angry discord among the Cabal's members.

Guild of Vexilologists and Iconographers - The flagmaker equivalent of The Cabal.

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