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American board member from Kentucky.

Despite his professed Socialism, Hapsburg shows a great affinity for any and all things monarchist. Also appears to have a fetish for the title “Pharaoh,” as most if not all of his maps use that title. Even if it is a Muslim ruler adopting a pagan title, or a Roman Empire using modern styling techniques, it seems there can never be too many pharaohs.

One of an originally small number of members who were banned for some time, but apologized for what happened, and were un-banned by Ian.


Primarily known for a far-future series of works, called the 1967+ timeline (named after the year of its initial 20th century POD).

To date, this timeline has had three iterations:

Visual materials connected to this timeline can be found in several of the artwork threads in the Maps and Graphics forum. These are mostly various vehicle or character designs related to the Central Galactic Union and other human and alien polities. His love of using Nazi-esque imagery for the uniforms of the CGU soldiers (in-story baddies of his 1967+ timeline) was once deemed a bit worrying at times, but we forgive him for his gloriously complicated coats of arms and unusual MSPaint drawings.

Another of his major works is the ASB timeline Sorrow of the Samurai, involving magic and mythical creatures as a backdrop to a real historical (mostly European and Asian) setting. The timeline is currently on hiatus. Similarly to 1967+, you can find various artworks for Sorrow of the Samurai in the appropriate threads (mostly uniform designs for various period soldiers).

Some of Hapsburg's other timelines (mostly unfinished) include The Austro-German Empire timeline, The Flag of Union: A Timeline and The Glory of the Empire: A Visual Timeline.

A few shorter stories set in some of his selected timelines can be found in this thread.

As already mentioned, aside from writing and designing military and science fiction stuff in MS Paint, Hapsburg dabbles quite a bit in creating coats of arms and flags. He also used to make maps too, but seems to have shifted his focus away from them in recent years.

In Fiction

In the The Series episode THE MAPSIAH, he appeared as one of the junior members of The Mappist Cabal.

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