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Resources : Map Colour Schemes

This page is a subset of the map resources page and serves as the main directory for all colour schemes created by AH.commers for the purpose of colouring allohistorical political maps of countries, regions or the entire globe.

A colour scheme is a highly standardized system of colour palettes for various countries, territories, political systems, religions, etc. that appear in political and statistical maps set in various alternate timelines.

While some AH.commers find the idea of colour schemes unnecessary, many argue that a certain degree of order is needed while colouring ones basic geopolitical maps that are used for showing the geopolitical situation of a timeline at a given moment.

Colour Schemes in culture

As mapping was always the focus of many AHcommers, it is not surprising that the depiction of geopolitical situations grew out of its original intent to take place in the community culture.

One of the best known exemples is probably the Colour Scheme Civil War, sparked by the decision to allod a distinct color (green) for non-imperial/non-communist Russia.

Master List of Existing Colour Schemes

Universal Colour Scheme (UCS) and derivatives – Discontinued This is the original colour scheme, the first ever designed for the purposes of creating maps of alternate timelines in the map-related threads of's discussion board. Now discontinued.

  • Unified Colour Palette (UCP) - This revision had the integral changes of Susanoism, as well as additional territories that have been added. It was eventually absorbed into the TCS. Now discontinued.
  • Thandean Colour Scheme (TCS) - Meant mainly as a major reform of Thande's original UCS. The Thandean Colour Scheme + expanded the original TCS, adding new regions. Now discontinued.
  • Global Colour Scheme (GCS) - Created as an independent effort at a new derivative of the original UCS.
  • Susanoism - Courtesy of Susano et al. Not so much a wholly new colour scheme, as a set of objections to Thande's colouring system, raised by Susano. Now discontinued.

Revised Colour Scheme (RCS) - Created as a definite version of the TCS+. The RCS is best used for historical maps, but is as well for a good portion of allohistorical ones on board.

TACOS Colour Scheme (TACOS) - Collective creation, later revised twice by oshron. Alternative to UCS/RCS, considered best used for radically different timelines.

TOASTER Colour Scheme - An all encompassing colour scheme that aimed to cover almost any country, ideology, or region. The project was started by Aquagel8last320, and later continued by XO_mapping.

Ichronic Colour Scheme (ICS) - Started by Lord Hastur of Carcosa and qazse, this colour scheme is intended for cyperpunk, steampunk or grimdark scenarios, and takes a massive departure form already-existing colour schemes.

"Colour It Whatever You Like" (CIWYL) - Not so much a colour scheme as an anti-colour scheme design philosophy. Also referred to as “Munroism”.

Unified Colour Palette (UCP) - This revision had the integral changes of Susanoism, as well as additional territories that have been added. It was eventually absorbed (sans Susanoist conventions) into the TCS. Now discontinued.

See Also

Map Database - The archive of blank maps for mapmakers and timeline authors.

Colour Scheme Designer - A rather useful external website.

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