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Coronus Lupus Incánus

Bad Latin for 'Crown of Grey Wolf', a title made up by Thande to describe the Official Most Postingest Member On

Previous wearers of the Crown include Grey Wolf himself (hence the name) and Othniel. Until recently the Most Postingest Member was Glen, who retained his title despite a five-month sabbatical from the board. However, on March 8th 2008, the Crown was finally seized by Thande himself.

Since then, the Crown has gone back to Glen and has returned to Thande again. It remains contested between the two of them.

More recently, Thande has cemented a firm hold on the Crown of Grey Wolf.

More Recently**

The top ten posters as of January 3, 2017 are as the following:

  1. Thande (51,026 posts)
  2. Turquoise Blue (27,271)
  3. MerryPrankster (25,723)
  4. Beata Beatrix (25,378)
  5. iainbhx (23,918)
  6. Mr_ Bondoc (21,684)
  7. CalBear (19,798)
  8. Wendell (19,535)
  9. Beedok (19,109)
  10. BlackWave (19,099)

**A few notes:

  1. Please do not post for posting's sake. These listing are supposed to be for fun facts and to shed some light on the history and innards of the board - NOT to encourage you to borderline spam the forum.
  2. Accept a preemptive apology for any outdated listings. This list is updated as often as possible; pitch in if you like.
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