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A forum that originally served the Wiki from its very start in 2007, created for the role of discussing wiki-related topics that would be too long and complex for discussion on specific wiki pages. The Wiki Forum was located in the Wiki section of the discussion board's main page, just below the link to the wiki itself.

The forum was cancelled by Ian in late 2013, citing a lack of meaningful and regular activity in the decidedly smallish forum. All content from this cancelled forum was moved to the Help and Feedback forum. As noted on the wiki's starting page, discussion too long for discussions on individual pages should go into threads started in Help and Feedback. Essentially, the Help and Feedback forum has thus taken on the role that the wiki's separate forum once used to serve.

Official forum discussion

General discussion of the Wiki. Discussion of a specific Wiki page can also take place in that page's Discussion tab, but long threads are more convenient here.

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