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Help and Rules Forum

Created in May 2016, after the transfer of the board from vBulletin forum software to XenForo forum software, the Help and Rules Forum is a merger of its predecessors, the Rules and Administration Forum and the Help and Feedback Forum. It also includes the contents of the Announcements Forum and Wiki Forum, which had been merged into the two aforementioned forums already back in 2013.

'H&R' thus includes legacy content from's previously higher number of administration-focused forums, in addition to new content from after the May 2016 merger.

The forum was split into two forums, the Help Forum and Rules Forum, in July 2019.

Official forum description

The forum rules, official business, and discussion of moderator actions.

See Also

Rules and Administration Forum and Help and Feedback Forum - Predecessor forums, merged into Help and Rules in May 2016.

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