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Help and Feedback Forum

Created along with the New Board back in December 2003, the Help and Feedback Forum was part of the Administration subsection of the discussion board, located right at the of the board's main page. As its name implies, it served as a forum where you could ask for both technical advice related to the mundane use of the board, and for actual advice on historical matters (such as individual questions about various topics, or asking about bibliography others would recommend on some subject, etc.).

People will generally be eager to help you and you can expect a prompt reply. Naturally, like anywhere else on the board, always remember to be polite and avoid mean-spiritedness while posting in this forum. Note that the forum is not intended for discussing points of divergence or alternate scenarios, so please keep those to the Discussion subsection of the board.

The Help and Feedback forum also housed all the threads that once formed the content of the Wiki Forum, cancelled in 2013.

In May 2016, after the transfer of the board from vBulletin forum software to XenForo forum software, the Help and Feedback forum was merged with the Rules and Administration Forum into the Help and Rules Forum.

Official forum description

Learn about the discussion board and how it works, ask for help, and post your feedback.

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