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Rules and Administration Forum

The forum for handling the technical matters of running the New Board. Any discussions with the admin or the moderators should be conducted here, as politely as possible. There are several key threads in the forum where one can read various FAQs about board and forum etiquette, or where one can ask a question related to the running of the board, to technical issues being experienced with the board software, etc.

Rules and Administration has existed since the very beginnings of the New Board, and in December 2013 (after some ten years of existence) it also absorbed the then-cancelled Announcements Forum. The contents of that former forum have since then been a part of the content in Rules and Administration.

In May 2016, after the transfer of the board from vBulletin forum software to XenForo forum software, the Rules and Announcements forum was merged with the Help and Feedback Forum into the Help and Rules Forum.

Official forum description

The forum rules, official business, and discussion of moderator actions.

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