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Books and Media Forum

The existence of the Books and Media Forum has a very long tradition on, going back all the way to the Old Board, where it was more or less known under the same name. In its current form, the forum has existed continuously since the very beginnings of the New Board in late 2003, and it has remained one of its least changing and least changed forums.

For years, there had been steadily increasing demands for a new forum to be spun off from Books and Media, which would focus solely on maps and other artworks created by board members. This idea was championed due to the ever growing number of threads dedicated to such pursuits. As the amount of threads not related to published alternate history literature and media kept increasing, Ian announced the creation of the Maps and Graphics forum on the 1 August 2013. Graphics-focused threads were carefully moved over to the newly founded forum.

Books and Media has since then been slowly regaining its focus of a forum specialising in discussions about existing and upcoming media.

Official forum description

Talk about published works of alternate history and post reviews and opinions on them. Discuss, rate, and post links to AH sites on the web.

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