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Fandom AH Forum

Introduced in March 2017, this new part of the board's Discussion section transferred timelines and works based on existing fiction from the Alien Space Bats Forum to their own separate forum. From now on, if you want to post major timelines based on already existing works of fiction (particularly fiction of non-AH genres), you can do so in this specialised forum.

To make things handier, this new forum features a system of colour-coded labels for every thread title, making it easier to locate timelines and stories set in a particular fictonal setting of a particular established property of fiction. Functionally, it's the same as the colour-coded labels in the Shared Worlds Forum, first introduced several months prior.

The Fandom AH Forum's Off-Topic section sibling is the Media and Fandom Forum, which serves for general discussion of existing non-AH fiction, rather than for writing works based on said fiction.

Official forum description

Alternate versions of fictional universes, including crossovers.

Only registered members can read this forum.

Discussion on the two forums added in 2017

Fandom forum ? - Discussion on the two new forums, 'Fandom AH' (Discussion section) and 'Media and Fandom' (Off-Topic section).

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