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Non-political Chat Forum

Created along with the New Board back in December 2003, the Non-political Chat Forum (“NPC”) is part of the Off Topic subsection of the discussion board, located right at the board's main page. As its name implies, it serves as a forum where people can have discussions on various topics that interest them, with the exception of political topics, including current affairs topics.

Non-political Chat and Political Chat were once a single forum for off topic discussions, but after Ian and many board members discussed whether to separate political discussions or not (due to the growth of the forum), the forum was split into two new forums, one of them Political Chat and the other NPC.

Official forum description

Chat about things unrelated to alternate history, *except* political issues/debates. Those should happen in the general chat forum. Non-Political Chat is more lighthearted. The rules of good behavior are still in effect. Don't denigrate other people's views.

Only registered members can read this forum.

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