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Media and Fandom Forum

Introduced in March 2017, this new part of the board's Off-Topic section transferred timelines and works based on existing fiction from the Non-political Chat Forum to their own separate forum. From now on, if you want to post discuss non-AH works of fiction (from various media) in Off-Topic, please post such discussions in this specialised forum.

The Media and Fandom Forum can be understood as an Off-Topic sister to the other newly introduced forum, the Discussion section's Fandom AH Forum. The Fandom AH Forum specialises in discussing timelines, scenarios and stories set in fictional universes, while the Media and Fandom forum serves for general discussion of non-AH fiction.

Official forum description

Discussion of television, film, novels, comics, and video games which are not alternate histories.

Only registered members can read this forum.

Discussion on the two forums added in 2017

Fandom forum ? - March 2013 on the two new forums, 'Fandom AH' (Discussion section) and 'Media and Fandom' (Off-Topic section).

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