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Writer's Forum

The Writer's Forum is one of the forums with the longest lineage in history. It has existed, with virtually little to no name changes, since the days of the Old Board. Over more than a decade (and pushing nearly fourteen to fifteen years now, by extension), it has produced an enormous mount of varied original fiction, created by the board's many talented authors.

Unlike the more strictly alternate history and timeline-writing focused 'Before 1900' forum or 'After 1900' forum, the Writer's Forum offers members the option to focus on stories not only within, but also outside of the alternate history genre. Therefore, the forum contains many a piece of historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy fiction, adventure fiction, and so on, and so on… (The Future History forum and Alien Space Bats forum also allow for science-fictional or magical/implausible works of various lenghth.)

On the New Board, the forum has a bit of a reputation for being one of the least frequented, as it gets relatively small traffic compared to the other forums (even other lower-traffic forums, such as Books and Media forum and Maps and Graphics forum. This fact tends to be remarked upon from time to time, though it's affectionate, rather than dismissive. Many people also enjoy the more laid-back and “quiet teahouse” nature of the Writer's Forum. However, since the late 2010s, the forum has seen something of a resurgence in interest by AH.commers. Also, some of the writing-based discussions previously occuring in the Non-political Chat forum have been moved to the Writer's Forum, increasing the number of its regular visitors.

Official forum description

Post and discuss the creations (fiction and nonfiction) of alternate history fans, and talk about the craft of writing.

Only registered members can read this forum.

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