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Old Board Structure

Much like the New Board, the now defunct Old Board (2000-2004) had a certain hierarchy of specialised forums. This page serves as their overview (including the original descriptions from the Old Board). We include the overview just for completeness' sake.

Forums of the Old Board

Descriptions of each forum are taken verbatim from their original description text.

News and Announcements - “General announcements and news about the web site and Discussion Board, as well as any other alternate history related news. Only moderators may post here, so ask them if you want important news to be posted.”

Help and Feedback - “This topic is for getting help with the discussion board, and making suggestions about it. Your comments will help to make this board a better place for us all. Please read the documentation on the left hand menu first, and use the “Contact Moderators” option to find out how to email moderators directly.”

Post Test Messages Here - “This topic is for testing your ability to post to this board, to use formatting, and so on. Try it out! Please see the documentation on the left hand menu for details.”

Alternate History Discussion - “This topic is for thinking up and talking about alternate history scenarios. Think up any historical divergence like “What if Napoleon had won the battle at Waterloo?” and then talk about what the answer might be. Discussion of published books or “magical” scenarios should be taken to the Book Discussions or Alien Space Bats topics, respectively. Amateur fiction should be discussed in the Writer's Forum.”

Alternate History Books, Movies and Games - “This is for discussion and reviews of published alternate history works such as the latest Harry Turtledove book. Discussions of the alternate history scenario presented in a book, such as its believability and plausibility (or lack of it), should take place here.”

Alternate History Websites - “Discuss, rate, and post links to AH sites on the web.”

Amateur Writer's Forum - “The amateur writers forum is for posting or linking to stories and scenarios about alternate history and commenting on them. It is also for discussing the craft of writing, especially as it applies to alternate history. DO NOT POST ANYTHING HERE WHICH YOU HOPE TO PUBLISH PROFESSIONALLY. This is a public forum and it would become very difficult to sell something which you had posted here.”

Alien Space Bats and Other Magic - “This topic is for the discussion of alternate history scenarios that involve magic, alien intervention, anything involving the sea of time, and other such weirdness. The “Alien Space Bats” are mysterious beings which cause incredibly implausible, even outright impossible things to happen and thus alter history (usually for no apparent reason). Scenarios which involve these kinds of events are frowned upon in the rest of the Discussion section.”

(Bottom note :)

“Please remember, is a MODERATED discussion board. Please post messages to the appropriate topic, and be civil. READ the Introduction for details. Offending messages will be moved or removed. Severe violations of these rules may result in banning.”

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