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Alliance of Furries and Zombies

An political party started by Highlander which contested the 2006 elections and won no seats.

2006 manifesto

Alliance of Furries and Zombies


Policies (General) The policy of the AFZ is to have as peacefull, open society as possible. A strong national government is needed for this, but will not tread on our own Fur-given rights! The AFZ support the ownership of guns; however, heavy restrictions on large caliber and automatic weapons will be put in place. Policies (Board related) Very similar to the above policies, the view of the AFZ is that every member is entitled to his or her own opinion and ideas, which will not be treaded upon by higher authorities. However, trolls and untolerable n00bs must be taken care of quickly and strickly, without mercy. There the assumption that we support this “Collins” is highly false. Closing Statement Vote for us. We are truelly the only peacefull, tolerant party.

Bad spelling has been left in for historical authenticity - Thande.


It later evolved into the United Furries for a Better (UFBA) with the following manifesto:

UFBA manifesto

The few. The proud. The deviants.

Welcome to the Official UFBA Headquarters, where you can find anything you ever needed about our beloved institution.

Our Goal

To Unite under one banner, in turn wiping out all of the Pinko Liberal Neo-Fascist Authoritarian-Collectivists who wish to dominate us. You see, we may be Furry, but our vision is all inclusive. Even if you aren't One of Us, please feel free to join us in our Revolution.

Our Policies

If and when elected, UFBA will make it our first priority to stomp out all of the scum which infiltrates our beloved forum through desicive leadership.

One such policy we hold very dear to our hearts (and one untouched so far by our rival, Pinko Liberal Neo-Fascist Authoritarian-Collectivist “parties”) is the Zombie issue. Too many are too eager to forget the bloodshed of yesteryear. It is us who must take on the burden of the Undead, for they are/were people just like us. Along this line we support the Zombie Virus Theory, unlike other, closed minded individuals who put their faith in cemetaries and morgs.

Not everything can be about zombies, unfortunately. Your Party will guarentee protection for minorities, and subje - I mean, representation from majorities. We will declare every Friday Fur Day, in order to commenmorate our fallen furry comrades. No longer will the Pinko Liberal Neo-Fascist Authoritarian-Collectivists control what kind of conditioner or brush we use in our fur; nor will they stop us from posting pictures of half naked bunnies!

Vote UFBA: For a more Furry Future!

2007 elections

However, the party did not contest the 2007 elections.

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