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Opportunistic Centrist Party political party founded by Fabilius in 2006, not renewed since then.


It seems that the next (and first) AH.COM government will be a coalation between Alliance of furries/Zombies party, AH.Com proletariat party and Yorkshire socialist.

That will be an environmental extreme left government.

On the other hand the Dogbert capitalist party, Evil Party and the gun nuts might get majority and form a coalation.

That would be an extreme right (and evil apparently) government.

So either AH.Com is going to ruin it´s economy or we are going to have to invade third world countries to force capitalism on them.


I´m going to form my very own party:

The OC.

Oppurtunistic Centrist-party*.

I invite everyone to join. Of course the oppurtunistic centrist party uses cheap tricks to draw attention. (No lesbians here)

*For americans: It´s a mechanism we have in Europe to ensure that the middle will be taken no matter what since either the lefties or the rightist will have to ride along and cut down half their policies.

2006 Manifesto


We need a strong centric party to provide a third way, an alternate POD if you like. We want a stable economy where people can post their TL´s in safety.

General policy:

We want to take the middle road. And as centrist we do not rule out forming a coalation with anyone. (Except for the evil party and the AHPP).

We want to insure Noob rights. We fully support innuendo. The party is still divided on issues of Zombie rights.

Closing statement:

I believe in AH.COM´s future as an independent entity. We are one nation under Ian, but we are a diverse bunch and neither extreme rightists nor extreme leftist nor evil people, can fully represent us.

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