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Democratic Liberation People's Monarchist Party

An political party started by Imajin. It contested the 2006 elections but won no seats. The party was renamed the Imajin Party for the 2007 elections.

2006 Manifesto

Vision: An AH.Com where I'm in charge. No, wait, that doesn't sound good, let me start over. The Vision of the DPLMP is a preservation of the old order, of nobility and monarchy. However, since AH.Com actually doesn't have any of those, we're for creating the old order anew.

Policies: General: Promotion of the World Monarchist Revolution (an inevitable consequence of the inevitable World Marxist Revolution), and support for formalization of quasi-monarchies. Board-Specific: Creation of an AH.Com Monarchy, to be led by me of course. (Ian shall of course remain in his position of God)

In Closing: Vote for the Democratic People's Liberation Monarchist Party. We have the longest name.

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