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Hungarian Timelines and Scenarios

Hungary-centered TLs

TLs in which the country makes appearances

  • The Dominion of Southern America TL by Glen - At first a monarchy and part of the Habsburg Empire, it gradually turns into a parlamentary republic in the late 19th century, after the empire's demise.
  • The Chaos TL by Max Sinister - Evolves in a very different way since the 13th century, due to a lack of Mongol invasions in the 1220s. Some patterns reappear, like the conquest of much of the country by the Rum Seljuks (similarly to OTL Ottoman Turks), but other than that, the country's history differs a lot from the OTL outcome. In the 20th century, it falls under the German sphere of influence, like most central European countries.
  • Fight and Be Right by EdT - After the guided dissolution of Austria-Hungary in the late 1920s, Hungary becomes one of its successor states, consisting of virtually the same basic territory as it did during the empire's days (among other things, it still includes most of Slovakia and Transylvania).
  • Pax Napoleonica by Zach - Plays a large role in the Napoleonic Wars as part of the Habsburg monarchy, and forms the Austrian-Bohemian-Hungarian Empire in the later parts of the 19th century. During the First Great War, it remains neutral along with the rest of the Triple Monarchy, but is eventually forced to enter the conflict and contribute to it. The Triple Monarchy protects their neutrality more staunchly during the Second Great War, opting not to join the fighting.
  • Dalmatia Ascendant by Iluvatar - King Emeric surviving his illness leads to a stronger Hungary, which vassalizes Serbia
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