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The Five Orangist PODs

An episode of Snelheid.

Season: 1

Episode: 2

Written by: Petike

Air date: 2017

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Marius Openbosje turns to Snelheid and Molenaarzoon for their help in solving the mysterious past and murder of his uncle, a South African who moved back to the Netherlands years ago. A certain sinister organisation and a certain recent theft of Dutch Golden Era artworks might have something to do with the seemingly unconnected events of the Openbosje case.

Based on

The episode's storyline is a combination of the crime plot from the Canon's short story The Five Orange Pips (by A. C. Doyle) with elements from the Sherlock episode The Blind Banker (by S. Thompson) and the Sherlock special The Abominable Bride (by S. Moffat).


Regular characters

  • Nlspeed as Nilsroy Snelheid
  • Petike as Dr. Molenaarzoon
  • elle-jay as Mrs. Houtman

Guest stars

Behind the scenes




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