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A Study in ISOT

An episode of Snelheid.

Season: 1

Episode: 3

Written by: Petike

Air date: 2017

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Marius Openbosje turns to Snelheid and Molenaarzoon for their help in solving the mysterious past and murder of his uncle, a South African who moved back to the Netherlands years ago. A certain sinister organisation and a certain recent theft of Dutch Golden Era artworks might have something to do with the seemingly unconnected events of the Openbosje case.

Based on

The episode's storyline is a loose adaptation of the crime plots and elements from the Canon's novel and debut story A Study in Scarlet (by A. C. Doyle) and the Sherlock episode A Study in Pink (by S. Moffat).


Regular characters

  • Nlspeed as Nilsroy Snelheid
  • Petike as Dr. Molenaarzoon
  • elle-jay as Mrs. Houtman
  • Theodoric as inspecteur Theo Luxembourg

Guest stars

  • Thande as med. ex. Thomas Anderson (inspector Gregson / med. ex. Phil Anderson)
  • FrolicsomeQuipster as Frolik Quippins (Bill Wiggins)
  • TBA

Behind the scenes




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