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The Disappearance of Lady Franka's Car Fax

A mini-episode of Snelheid.

Season: 1

Episode: M02

Written by: Petike

Air date: 2017

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Second miniepisode. Doctor Molenaarzoon is at a local yachting event, when lady Franka Blank starts complaining about the theft of her precious car fax. As an afficionado of outdated communication technology, she'd dread letting go of her unusual car interior accessory. Molenaarzoon phones Snelheid to come and help with the investigation.

Based on

This mini-episode's storyline is a loose adaptation of the the Canon's short story The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax (by A. C. Doyle). The biggest difference is that the lady Frances equivalent is not in danger herself, with Snelheid and Molenaarzoon conducting a search for an item she owns, rather than her.

Behind the scenes




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