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The Millennium Club

A society founded by Landshark in 2005 (thread) in ideological opposition to the Not-Quite-Lurkers Association. The Millennium Club is a group of members with 1000 or more posts.

In Landshark's own words:

“ The Millennium Club: Or Let's Work Together To Keep The Silent Majority Bloody Well Silent.

As you may have noticed the white trash of the discussion board world - The Lurkers - have been making their presense felt lately.

And not just by their avoidance of regular bathing as per usual.


They have been meeting in secret here



Even Unionising!

It is up to those of us the social elite of the board, the ones with more than a thousand posts to lead the counter-revolution against the unwashed masses!

So I say join me in the Millennium Club and proudly mark your sigs with the royal purple:

Millennium Club

And add a star * for ever one thousandth post.

It's time to do some serious oppressing of the masses here and we're the men to do it!”

Postcount controversy

After Ian changed the postcount system to only display posts over 1000 as '1000 or more', the Millennium Club became effectively defunct, although Max Sinister continued to refer to it.

The Myriad Club

Max Sinister attempted to create a second level of the Club, of posters with more than 10,000 posts, in 2007.

Valued Contributors

Perhaps the final death knell of the Millennium Club was when HelloLegend became convinced that, having racked up a thousand posts from spamming, he was then a 'Valued Contributor' and thus immune from being banned (Wrong!). Since then, others (notably Zyzzyva) have ironically referred to gaining a thousand posts as 'Becoming a Valued Contributor' rather than a member of the Millennium Club.

In Fiction

In Snelheid, the Millennium Club makes occassional appearances, being an parody of the Diogenes Club from the Sherlock Holmes canon and its various adaptations. Pompejus Snelheid, the Mycroft Holmes equivalent, is a member of the club, just like Mycroft was a member of the Diogenes Club.

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